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December 4, 2012
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Anneda Sandy mix-up

Propa-propa respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all a mi Mix Up massive. An bless up to all listeners pon Ragashanti in di Mawnin up ya inna Obama Lan. Bless up unu self peeps.

On to di mix-up dem:

Anneda Sandy Mix-Up

All now Hurricane Sandy still a cause drama up ya.

Afta di storm, gas did well scarce up ya. Di likkle gas weh did lef a di gas station dem done quick an people did a suffa widout light, heat, an a bag a tings. Den di gas tanka dem staat bring een gas likkle-likkle a di station dem. Di people dem staat to bus big fight fi di gas. Every gas station yuh goh a bare drama. Crazy punch inna face, kick dung, an all knife an gun draw. It reach di point where di mayor order a contingent a police a all a di gas station dem weh did a get di likkle gas. Dis did bring back some order to di ting.

Anyways, through all a dis drama one likkle neighbourhood inna Brooklyn notice say a bredda roun deh always seem to get gas wid ease while everybody else haffi wake up early an join long line inna di cold, an wait foreva before dem can get gas. But dis ya bredda always seem to get gas quick wid no stress. Eventually, people staat tink say him did have a link weh him a peal off some money pon an a get di gas easy. An most people lef it deh soh.

However, dis one young lady decide fi follow him an watch weh him really up to. Fi cut long story short, she eventually falla him a one house near a gas station an see a woman neatly a bring out gas inna cans goh gi him. Him gi har fi him empty one dem an she gi him di full one dem.

But afta him get him gas an pack dem inna him likkle truck, him goh back eena di house wid di woman. Him tan een deh fi a while until di woman let him out fi goh home. But by dis di woman did well wrap up inna bathrobe. A soh di woman weh a do di spying figure out seh not only was di man a get gas fram di woman, but him did also a sort har out. Di spy do some further investigation an find out seh di woman weh did a sen on di gas was di wife of a man weh own three gas stations - soh dat was how she could arrange fi har bunna man get gas.

But hear dis, di bunna man married an live wid him wife an three pickney!

Di woman who did a spy was a church sista a di bunna man wife. She reason dat even though she an di bunna man wife nuh know each oda like dat, she did still haffi tell har church sista wa she see a gwaan. Soh she fly goh link di church sista fi fling on di news pon har.

Now wat happens nex is evidence dat sometimes we fi mind we own damn bizniz, an nuh run goh fly we mout bout everyting we see.

Afta di woman tell di bunna man wife weh she see, she was shocked and flabbergasted wid di wife's response. Di wife tell har fi mind har owna bizniz an dat she know every woman who har husban sleep wid pon di side, because dem have an agreement fi him tell har everyting. Den she say a she push him fi goh link di gas station man wife soh dat him can sort har out fi gas. She say she did know di gas station owna wife did like har husban because anytime she goh a di station, di woman always a tell har how she lucky fi have such a handsome, sexy man. Soh she tell har husband fi link har an put it on pon har good an mek nuff gas run. She say she an har husban all a sell gas. She say ordinarily she woulda neva mek har husban sort out smaddy like di gas station owna woman cause she say she ugly bad, but a jus cause she need di gas. Soh den she run weh di spy an tell har say she betta not goh say it to anybody else cause she nuh waan har husban dagga-fi-gas hustling mash up. She all treten di spy say if di ting mash up she a goh find di spy an beat har!!

Soh jus like dat, di spy coulda lose har life because she chat too much. Sometimes, wen we see sometings weh nuh involve we, an weh naa kill nuhbady, we fi leave dem alone an mind we owna bizniz. Cause nuff times wen we tink we know. We really doan know.

As old time people always say: kibba yuh mout!!!!

See unu Thursday. Bless.

'Di woman who did a spy was a church sista a di bunna man wife. She reason dat even though she an di bunna man wife nuh know each oda like dat, she did still haffi tell har church sista wa she see a gwaan.'

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