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December 12, 2012
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Macka Diamond lashes out at Spice

Macka Diamond


... in new single, 'Kill The Black One'

Macka Diamond is once again at odds with another female artiste. This time the 'Money Goddess' is calling out fellow artiste Spice.

Just this week, Macka Diamond recently released a new song titled Kill The Black One which she says is directed at Spice. In the song, Macka Diamond deejays:

Look at me at 40, Spice at 30/ Compare the two a we and tell me if she worth it/ Nuh matter how she bathe, she ever look dirty ...

Macka Diamond told THE STAR that the feud started after she went on Onstage for an interview.

"Mi go pon Onstage and a talk bout me and Lady Saw and mi say Saw team up wid di black one. Mi never call no name so mi nuh know how gingy fly Spice drop inna the war," she said.

She added that Spice has been a troublemaker and that she refused to take any more of her insults.

"A long time she a trouble me. But mi a Lysol and she a gingy fly, so mi kill all germs cause mi nuh want no germs whe mi deh. She go do a interview and a sing pon mi name. Tell the gingy fly fi go look a life," Macka Diamond said.

In the song, Macka Diamond also mentions that Spice has been put out of her home many times because of non-payment of rent. When questioned as to whether these statements in the song were true, Macka Diamond responded:

"Mi nuh tell lie. Dem go pon tv go tell a bag a lie so mi just a talk the truth."

When contacted, Spice told THE STAR that she needed a more worthy opponent to counteract.

"I am currently in the process of training my pet goat to voice the counteraction. I've passed the grade-one clash stage she is now at. I need someone greater to step into the ring with me," Spice said.

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