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December 12, 2012
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Safety tips at Christmas Your Environment

1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

2. Hold on to your purse.

3. Double-check with the store clerk if all IDs, credit cards, etc. have been returned to you before you leave the store.

4. Park in well lit, safe areas.

5. Go to the ATM in the daytime.

Toy Safety

1. Ensure they are age-appropriate

2. Look out for toys that are decorated with lead paint.

3. Eliminate toys with sharp, loose and small parts.

Electrical Items

1. Look for the Universal Certification (UL) - Underwriters Laboratories: the international standard for safety.

2. Buying a washing machine? Ensure that it is 110 voltage/50 cycle. Jamaica Public Service operates on a 50 cycle, therefore a 60 cycle would consume more energy and may cause motor problems.

3. Test all electrical equipment and gadgets in the store before you pay for the item.

4. Get all warranties in writing.

Food Safety

1. Check expiration date

2. Meats - check the colouring and the USED BY DATE

3. Examine and test the temperature. Look for condensation around the sides, which would indicate a poorly functioning refrigerator.

4. Eating out? Check to ensure that the environment is clean and the food-preparation area is close and visible to the serving area.

- Consumer Affairs Commission

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