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December 12, 2012
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Today, we continue with our buzz-worthy feature, Paternity Puzzle.

The feature will continue to attempt to help families solve paternity disputes. One more lucky couple will get a free test and reveal the truth once and for all. This and every Wednesday, we will publish the story of a mother and an alleged father, who will both give their sides in tales of allegations and denials.

Be sure to follow the series as THE STAR awards a free DNA test sponsored by Caribbean Genetics to the most interesting story for the month.

André Williams, STAR Writer

Trudy-Ann Turnerand her companion Kareem Scott, it seems, are being guided by their parents to seek closure in finding out who is the father of her one-month-old baby daughter.

The two visited our offices recently to take a shot at THE STAR Paternity Feature in a bid to resolve their burning issue.

Both Scott and Turner met at a dance in 2010, and, according to Turner, they started dating until things got out of control, and sexual intercourse came into play.

They are both teenagers, though Scott alleges he was not aware of Turner's age until she became pregnant. He said, "Mi never know her age and mi never ask."

Trudy said: "I never tell him my age because I never knew things would get this far."

She further said that she still cares for Scott though she and her mother consider him to be childish. She argued, "Mi cover up for him, whenever people ask mi nothing, and now him a have doubts?"

Trudy further said: "Right now mi nuh love him, mi jus have little feelings for him ... We still together, yes, but him gwan too much when him ready."

Scott said: "We still talk enuh but from mi a hear certain things, mi jus a keep her on a level."

Trudy said: "Mi want the results to say, he is the father."

Scott said: "I would want the result to say yes still."

Both were asked what would be the case if the results said yes or no to Scott being the father.

She said: "If it says yes, I will give the child to him so dat dem can spend time together."

He said: "I would take di baby cause when it come a mi house mi mada ago ask me if me sure say a my child because she nuh too want fi hold di baby."

In a sarcastic tone Trudy declared that: "Well if a nuh fi him pickney all mi haffi do a change the name and a it dat!"

Scott said: "If a nuh my daughter, mi woulda still give her money from mi have it."

The baby is registered in Scott's name as he expressed, "She show mi age paper say it ina my name."

Trudy told THE STAR the reason she agreed to doing a DNA test. She said: "I know a his daughter ... Him say a him mother and father want him to do it cause dem a say people a tell dem things."

He said: "A tru di next yute name a call up ... His mother a say a fi har granddaughter and him a say a fi him own. Some people a say a mine and some a say a nuh my baby."

Names changed

Do you have any doubts that a child is yours or have you been denied access to a child that you know is yours? Well, here is the chance for you to find out the truth. Contact THE STAR at 932-6271/932-6249 or 932-6282 to share your story and qualify for a chance to get a free DNA test courtesy of Caribbean Genetics.

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