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December 12, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


They want us to break up

Dear Pastor,

I am 27 and my man and I are coming from far. From the first day my parents met him, they didn't like him because he was poor and was just doing odd jobs that could barely take care of himself. He told them that he really loves me and one day he will be in the position to take care of me.

Because I am educated and he is not, my folks do not think highly of him. He treats me well, although at times he fights me over things that are considered insignificant, like I should always stay in the house by myself and remain bored everyday and never visit his granny living next door who raised him and gives us dinner sometimes and ground foods to cook.

The more my family fusses, the closer both of us become. We both got tired of my family trying to break us apart. I am well loved by his family and they make me feel comfortable around them. Before we got involved, he told me he was single for awhile and he was searching with the help of God through prayer to find a nice girl.

Educated Young Woman

Dear Educated Young Woman,

Your parents are not wrong. They have expressed their concern for you. That's what good parents would do if they believe that their children are making wrong choices. You believe that you have found a good man. Some people would say that you don't have much ambition. Why should you have to depend on his relatives to give you food? But you may say that's not anybody's business.

So my dear, I wish you and this man every success because the only thing you don't like about him is his wish for you to stay in the house and don't go anywhere. Is that the type of life an educated woman should live?


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