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December 12, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


I want to reunite with my siblings

Dear Pastor,

My mother, Joyce Lewis, passed away when I was nine years old, so my siblings and I had to be separated. My father took me to the United States and I never returned. He is now dead.

Currently, I am happily married and I have four children and I would love to reunite with my brothers and sister. My oldest brother is Desmond Duncan and he works as a mechanic and was living at 55 Mannings Hill Road. My second brother's name is Richard Brown and he was living in Jacks River, St Mary. My sister, Althea Daley, was living on Molynes Road with her father, who was a painter.

This is all the information that I have. I am now 40 years old and I have never forgotten about them. I would love to find them so that we can be a family again. My children are at the age where they are asking me questions in regards to their uncles and aunt and I only have my memories to tell them.

My life has had its ups and downs and I feel this is really something I need to get done. My wife and I had contacted a number of companies to help us locate them but nothing happened.

I have no one else to turn to, so please try and help me find my siblings. I miss and love them.

Cardinal Smith

Dear Cardinal Smith,

I wish you well as you search for your siblings. If anyone knows the whereabouts and contacts me, I would get in touch with you immediately.


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