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December 13, 2012
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Tun di wife inna mate

Propa spec to all Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all a mi Mix Up massive. An straight blessings to all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up ya inna Obama Lan an all ova di worl. A jus di blessings.

On to di mix up:

Wat a gwaan Raga. Hope all is well wid u and wishing up prosperity and more success fi di coming year.

Bwoy Raga it tek mi a while fi tell u da mix up yah. So mi know a B wehmarried to arhusbana good while now. She animdid a gwan good good, the type a relationship u woulda want fi uself; dem ave kids an everybody happy.Di man start travel back and forth to Jamaica fi a while so till imstart spend more time a Jamaicaan end up link wid a gyal out dehan she end upave a baby fi im. Di bunna gyal did know bout di wife an everyting and she gwan work wid it cuz di husband a shell ar dung wid good living. All dis time diwife nuh know wa a gwaan until bout a year lata she hear bout ar husban Jamaican relationship pon fb. She si all pitcha an ting and from di looks a di pitcha dem u woulda neva tink seh dis man ave wife an pickney aready, cuz im look very happy an contentasif adibunnagyal a im good up good up ooman.

Di ting is Raga, diwife neva go check up pon arhusband wen im gaan a Jamaica fi months cuz she well content inna fi ar mind seh im nah do nutten an im love ar an would nevacheat pon ar. Anyways, di Jamaica relationship come outta di dark and problems start wid diwife an ar husband.

Dibunna gyalnow live a foreign and is pure drama she a bring to di wife. Raga, she sen all kinna messages to di wife, call arphone, talk all kina tings weh a just di wife an ar husband fi know. All diwife do is complain to dihusband an im nuh do nutten bout it. It reach di point now weh dihusband a si di bunnagyal pon a regular and diwife find out butis like im nuh care.Raga, mi nah talk bout nuh drive dung di road, a plane affi tek. Di bunna gyalcall di wife an bold enuf fi ask ar a wen she a move out a di man house so she can move in an bare tings.

A nuff more tings, Raga, but u article can ongle ole so much. But weh u tink bout dis situation yah. Mi know if a me, me woulda probly a write u miself from prison. Mi get fi undastan seh a nuf ooman a live dem way ya.

Baxside!!! Da matey ya a goh haad!! A she say "tek a gyal man an tun dat inna matey!!" Clearly, di ting reach a level weh di matey want up di man fi har self. An it look like di bredda nuh really rate him wife, cause, fi one, why him woulda gaan tell so much a di wife private bizniz to di mate. An two, wen di mate call a diss up di wife him naa defen it an put di mate inna har place. An if di mate can reach a pint weh she a call di wife an a tell har fi move outa di house soh she di mate can move een - yuh know she dat a di highest level a wrenkenness!! Noooooooo sah!!!

Ladies, if yuh married to yuh good-good husban, yuh whola-whola man, an unu live togeda an all have several children, an one day a gyal call an tell yuh say yuh need fi move outa di house cause a she really have di man an a she fi a live eena di house - weh unu woulda do??!!

Is eeda di wife well soft an too nice, or di matey a real bad gyal. Cause dem deh libaty weh di matey a buss nuh normal.

All mi haffi say is dat di wife betta careful, cause it nuh look like say har husban a protect har.

See unu Tuesday, same place ya soh. Bless.

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