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December 13, 2012
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After disarming robber, man claims

Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

A man who disarmed another man who tried to rob him last Tuesday morning in Spanish Town is now living in fear, alleging that amid threats, he is being given the cold shoulder from the police.

The would-be-victim told THE STAR that he was promised assistance from the police when he went to the station to hand over the firearm he retrieved from the man. However, that help has not been forthcoming. He said to make matters worse, when he went there yesterday he was brushed aside.

"Mi tell dem bout the threats and the harassment, and di senior officer ago mek mi know say mi must find somewhere move go and when mi find the place police will help mi move ... I don't know the name of the officer, but I can point him out."

been threatened

THE STAR understands that since the incident, he has been threatened because he turned over the firearm to the police.

The man told the news team that, "Last night, after 3, mi hear tings a throw on my house and when mi wake up in the morning and go outside, mi see a whole heap of broken bottles dat dem use and stone mi house."

He continued, "The taxi man dem in a di area not even want to carry mi cause dem say dem nuh want nobody shoot up dem car cause dem have dem family a live for."

The man said because of this, he has been forced to walk three miles to work. He said that he learnt that the man was who was later apprehended by the police is being housed at the Spanish Town Police Station. He said he was worried that whenever he goes there he may be pointed out.

The seemingly timid man told THE STAR, "I never know dat dem catch di man. People a tell mi say di man dem want back dem gun and dem know where mi work and live."

THE STAR gathered that the man had been receiving counselling, however, he was advised by the counsellor to revisit the police for follow-up checks.

being shunned

When contacted, an officer at the Spanish Town CIB told THE STAR that he was not aware of the man being shunned by the police.

Meanwhile, THE STAR had reported on Monday that one man is now facing gun and ammunition charges after he attempted to rob another man but was disarmed by the would-be victim.

Reports are that about 8:30 a.m., the man was going about his business on Windsor Road in Spanish Town, St Catherine, when he was pounced upon by a man armed with a Glock pistol.

Further reports are that the gunman demanded money but he was, however, disarmed by his would-be victim during which the gun was fired.

An off-duty policeman who was in the area became alerted by the explosion and saw what was happening. THE STAR learnt that he also fired a shot but the robber ran away.

He was subsequently accosted after a search of the area.

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