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December 14, 2012
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A 'Spanner' thrown into the spokes of Suzie Q's marriage

Suzie Q

Husband claims she slept with

an artiste

Curtis Campbell,Star Writer

Media personality Paula 'Suzie Q' Henry has denied allegations made by her husband, recording artiste Horace 'Mr Absolute' Henry, that she cheated on him.

According to Suzie Q, her husband of 19 years is trying to tarnish her reputation because she wants out of an abusive and loveless union.

This marks the second occasion that the couple decided to call it quits on their marriage. Suzie Q had filed for divorce in 2005, however, on the advice of close friends and for the welfare of her children, she decided to give Mr Absolute a second chance. This time she says there is no turning back.

"My personal life is my personal life but I just decided to clear up things because he is saying that we had this beautiful marriage, and I decided to leave him because I found somebody else and that is not the case.

his frustrations

I decided to leave him a long time ago and I stuck with him because of our two kids. One of the reasons why I decided to get out of this is because he is taking out his frustrations on me. He is verbally abusive because he feels like his career should have been better off because he is married to Suzie Q. So there is a lot of fussing and fighting and I just can't deal with it, he is saying that I have an affair and he has never seen me in any compromising position with any individual," she said.

Suzie Q also disclosed that the current divorce settlement between Mr Absolute and herself was going well, until the artiste found out that he stood to gain financial stability if he could prove that she cheated on him.

"We are going to sell our property in Jamaica and he is supposed to get half, I want to keep the children because I am a good mother. But now he is saying he is going to sort out his life in America and send for his kids, because apparently somebody told him that whosoever keeps the kids will get a bigger portion of the settlement," Suzie Q continued.

"I just want a peaceful divorce and I want him to stop accusing me of a relationship because he has no proof of it. And after the things that he is saying on the road there is no way I would reconcile with him. He just wants to pin me on somebody so that he can use the infidelity law against me. He already has our house in Georgia and will come out of the marriage with a tidy sumÉI took my name out of that property five years ago because I wanted out of the relationship," Suzie Q said.

Mr Absolute also edited several episodes of Suzie Q's Video Alley countdown and also wants half her salary for the time invested. Suzie Q is now asking her fans for support through her dilemma.

"I just want my fans to pray for me and ladies don't fall into a trap where you are trapped with a man because of your kids. Take care of your children but never sacrifice your happiness, because if you are not happy your kids won't be happy. I won't rule out getting married in the future but I just don't want to be caught in a box so just pray for meÉlife is just too short to be living like this," an emotional Suzie Q said.

Mr Absolute on the other hand was more explicit on the situation and told The WEEKEND STAR that he feels betrayed.

never cheated

"It's a bad experience, Suzie Q mek a decision wey mi nuh too like. I came to Jamaica with the intention to pay attention to my career and it was going good until she signed Spanner Banner to her label. This is over 16 years since we have been married and I invested a lot of time in the relationship and her business and then she a guh tell mi sey she fall in love with Spanner Banner? Suzie Q is somebody who I care for. I cook, clean and drive for this woman each day and I never cheated on her before," he continued.

"She even took one of our cars and gave it to Spanner Banner and sey she is going to move out the house. She a sey we have been separated for over a year now but we only start have problem since she sign Spanner Banner four months ago. I thought we had the perfect marriage and that we were role models, am so disappointed," Mr Absolute said.

Both Suzie Q and her estranged husband are now aiming to embark on solo projects while the divorce takes its course. Suzie Q is plotting to go back to radio while Mr Absolute is working on an album called My Inspiration, which is expected to be released in 2013.

Suzie Q also presented to The WEEKEND STAR a letter from her lawyer at Robinson, Phillips and Whiteborne law firm. The letter stated that she and her husband had been separated for over a year and that she is expected to vacate the house until it was sold.

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