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December 14, 2012
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MVP were two-faced


Frater claims club executive privately expressed support for JAAA candidacy

Veteran sprinter and newly elected Jamaica Athletics Administrative Assoc-iation (JAAA) executive Michael Frater has revealed that he was taken aback by the reaction of MVP coach Stephen Francis and other members of the club to his appointment, as he was offered only encouragement in the run-up to the election.

Frater, on Wednesday, announced a split with the track and field club, after nearly a decade, due to what he described as unfortunate and hurtful public statements by Francis, which questioned his 'loyalty and integrity'.

Despite persistent rumours leading up to the election that the coach was not at all thrilled with the idea of the athlete getting involved in the sports' governance, due to the fact that he feared the athlete could be used to sabotage the club, Frater claims that was never communicated face to face with him and was left surprised by the statements.

"I treated the comments as rumours because I had discussion with coach Francis about me running in the election and at no time did he say he had a problem with that," Frater told Star Sports.

"He only asked me if I thought I could manage being an administrator and doing track at the same time, and I told him I could handle myself and that was it," he continued.

"It is very strange because I spoke to coach Francis and club president Bruce James about the rumours and James told me that the club supported me one 100 per cent in my endeavour," said Frater. The athlete does not believe, however, that his friendship with the other members of the club, some of who publicly expressed their support for him, has been affected.

Francis and the JAAA have had their well-documented differences in recent years, the most publicised of which was a 2008 stand-off between the association and the club regarding athletes reporting for a mandatory training cap ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games.

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