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December 15, 2012
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Faithful to God

Loria Campbell


According to Loria Campbell, her life as a Christian has been an intriguing one because her life has been somewhat different from most persons.

"My Christian life has been a little different from most. I was born in the church, but then I got baptised when I was eight. Two missionaries came to my house to speak with my older sisters, but they were not interested in speaking to me because I was too young. However, I hung around at the doorway leading to the veranda and listened while they were there," said Campbell.

Campbell is currently a member of the James Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Clarendon. She also serves as leader for the Adventist Youth Department, Children's Ministry leader, assistant church clerk, assistant treasurer, junior division leader and committee member for ladies ministry at that church, where she has been a member since the year 2000.

She continued that the missionaries were there pointing out Bible lessons to her sisters and when they got to the point where they asked her sisters to make a decision, she (Campbell) stepped out and said that she wanted to get baptised.

"They were saying no I can't because I was too young, and I did not understand; but then I was insisting that I wanted to be baptised. So they called my mother who was close by, and asked her if it was possible for me to understand what they were discussing. Her response was that I was a smart girl and I would have understood," noted Campbell.

She pointed out that she fully understood what was being discussed with her sisters and she was very eager for the opportunity, and so she was indeed baptised. Campbell stated that following her baptism things were going smoothly until 11 years after at the age of 19.

"I read an article which said God trusted me with a challenge and I almost failed. That was when I actually came to know God for myself in an up close and personal way. When I was 19, my stepfather, who was the father I knew, was killed; he was murdered, and our lives, everything changed," testified Campbell.

"I just did not understand it. I was pretty disturbed about it, so I thought it was unfair, God was being unfair and all that. But then after some time, I got to realise that it was similar to what happened to Jacob. Up to age eight, I was doing things sort of like to make my place in Heaven," said the young Christian.


Campbell said she was doing her part, but at age 19 she saw where God was saying, 'No, it is not what you do that is going put you into Heaven, but it is what I am willing to do for you and your acceptance of that'.

She said she was seeing her stepfather as comfort at the time and not really God because she never saw the need to look to God and to depend on Him. However, according to her, at age 19 she realised that that could have been the reason for all that took place at that time due to the fact that if the change in her life did not come, her soul might have been lost, because she was not seeing God as the main benefactor.

"That really changed my life. I have learnt the other side of life; I lived a sheltered life before that, and then after that I had to learn how to live in a new environment not knowing where the next meal might be coming from, and a lot of things. I realised that God was really sending me a message which I learnt," testified Campbell.

Campbell believes that persons are never too young to start serving the Lord. She is convinced that the younger one is, is the more one has to offer God. She lamented that most times when persons are seen going to God in their golden years, they have already used up their youthful days, their strength, among other things; because everything they had to offer God would have already been gone.

She noted that as youths, when persons go to serve God, they are able to reach their peers, able to do things in a dynamic way, see life differently and are able to change with the time, even though God doesn't change.

Campbell, who said she likes to work behind the scenes, pointed out that her favourite Bible verse is: 'Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven'. Her favourite chorus is: 'I am a new creation, am a brand new man'.

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