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December 17, 2012
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L.A. Lewis calls for Ninja's head at Sting


Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

Dancehall artiste L.A. Lewis is furious over insults hurled at him by fellow dancehall artiste Ninja Man after he extended an invitation for a clash to him recently.

According to L.A. Lewis, a clash between him and Ninja Man would provide Sting with the ultimate pull factor.

"L.A. Lewis is letting Jamaica know that a war is in the air between himself and Ninja Man. I see where Sting don't look so prosperous, so I linked Ninja Man and told him that the show don't look so good, therefore a clash between us would pull out a big audience who will pay money to see the two most controversial artistes in Jamaica in a clash, but Ninja Man was disrespectful," L.A. Lewis said.

L.A. Lewis further stated that Ninja Man was out of line and should be fortunate that somebody of his standard had stooped to his level to offer a clash.

"Ninja Man cuss and seh mi fi come off him phone and seh wi nuh deh pon the same level and tell mi some expletives. I don't take disrespect because I am the seven star general! Mi a illuminate! He is saying we are not on common ground, but me and Ninja Man could not be on the same ground because I am superior. I am on the same ground with people like Portia Simpson Miller, Edward Seaga, The Queen of England, and the Marleys. Ninja Man is on an 'antilopal' level because he is like an ant when compared to me. Ninja Man should be glad and privileged that L.A. Lewis wanted to clash with him because I am a businessman apart from being an artiste," L.A. Lewis said.

The artiste also had some advice for Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records.

"If you want Sting to have a large crowd, send out Ninja Man and pay mi the likkle million dollar let mi send out mi little poodle dog come pick it up, then mi kill Ninja Man," L.A. Lewis said.

The STAR contacted Ninja Man who showed no remorse for his run-in with L.A. Lewis.

"Tell dutty L.A. Lewis seh him fi guh carry him likkle bench guh market with ram goat and hogs. I am a big, respectable artiste and a legend. Who is a L.A. Lewis? Let him get his slimy self from here! Him must guh know him size," Ninja Man said.

L.A. Lewis has so far released one dis song featuring up-and-coming dancehall artiste Benks. The song is called Pepper Light Bad Man and challenges KipRich, Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Tony Matterhorn, Mr Vegas, Beenie Man, Twin of Twins, and Khago.

There was no mention of a clash between Ninja Man and L.A. Lewis, but yesterday, organisers of Sting confirmed that singjay Konshens has been added to its line-up.

In a release last night, the promoters, Supreme Promotions, said the artiste was added to the line-up following the completion of negotiations. In the release, Konshens affirmed his support for the yearly one-night show.

"Initially, Sting was a show I looked forward to watching, not so much to be a part of, though the hardcore dancehall is healthy for the culture. This new turn weh dem a try to mek to give the show a facelift, I'm happy to be a part of it. Sting a Jamaica show fi di grass-roots people dem, so I am happy to be able to perform fi dem," he said.

Konshens had previously been booked for the event in 2008,but due to various reasons he wasn't able to complete his performance.

"I was at Sting 2008 only as a young artiste, coming off a European tour the day of the show, and di band say dem nah rehearse wid mi team if I'm not present. Mix that with the biggest and roughest dancehall crowd in the world and see wah yuh get. Mi escape the boos still," Konshens said jokingly.

It has been a good year for the dancehall star. He scored multiple hits and topped the charts repeatedly, along with MIA nominations, among other awards.

Konshens also appeared on the popular United States-based television show America's Next Top Model.

The release said fans could expect top-notch entertainment from Konshens, with the same energy and enthusiasm of his memorable Reggae Sumfest performance.

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