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December 17, 2012
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Blakka mad at Macka

Comedian peeved deejay using 'blackness' to diss Spice

The lyrics used by Macka Diamond in a song said to be aimed at fellow female deejay Spice, titled Kill The Black One, has apparently offended at least one other public figure, comedian Owen 'Blakka' Ellis.

Ellis in an email sent to THE STAR stated that he was extremely upset by the labelling of the person being lyrically attacked by Macka as 'The Black One'.

"I read about Macka Diamond's attack on Spice in today's (Wednesday) STAR and I'm so angry, I'm about to explode," the comedian said.

He said the song is disrespectful to black people and that he is "appalled that Macka Diamond, an Afro-Caribbean, is obviously so mentally enslaved that she feels calling Spice 'Di Black One' is an effective and acceptable way to disparage and degrade the woman."

When THE STAR contacted Macka Diamond for a comment she was said to be indisposed, however, we received a response via her assistant, Tamara Cimry-Brown.

"She did not say she is gonna kill black people or call anyone black. Somebody took it up and said they are the black one," she said.

Spice, who the song is directed at, said; "I am doing more important things at this time and only want to discuss important issues and will not comment."

Meanwhile, talk show host/dub poet Mutabaruka, in response to Blakka's comments declared, "The lyrics of the song were being said for saying sake, they have no concept of blackness/Africaness, look at the artistes dress and behaviour I do not take offence."

Blakka Ellis in his email also called for "every black conscious Afro-Jamaican, to call out Macka for the backward act!"

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