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December 19, 2012
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Setting the Blakka-Macka mix-up straight

What a way a story can get twisted quickly doah eeh! And how our people love scandal and mix-up so? Listen nuh peeps, I can't even begin to tabulate the torrent of calls I've received since Monday when my name hit the front page of the STAR with the headline screaming 'Blakka mad at Macka'.

Quite a few people seem to have gotten the story wrong. It look like some people either just easily confused or dem just deliberately mischievous. One man actually called to ask if it's true that I'm doing a collaboration song in tandem with Spice in response to Macka Diamond. People are calling to ask me if it's true that I'm going to be clashing with Macka Diamond at STING this year. Now you tell me!

Just to set the record straight, let me just say that I've never taken a side in any of these artiste vs artiste beefs. Yes, I've found some of them to be delightful distractions, and I've enjoyed the ensuing entertainment but I've never invested time and energy in picking or defending a side in any of the DJ feuds and verbal clashes that seem to characterise dancehall culture. And I don't intend to start now.

Nothing personal

I also have nothing personally against Macka Diamond. It's just that I saw a headline story in last Wednesday's STAR that rubbed me the wrong way. The story, which referenced an ongoing dispute between female deejays Macka Diamond and Spice touched a nerve for me and hit the chip off my shoulder.

The story explained that female DJ Macka Diamond was lashing out at fellow female DJ Spice with a new song called Kill The Black One. What bothers me as black conscious African-Jamaican is the idea of a Jamaican (especially a non-white Jamaican) using blackness as a put-down and dark skin shade as a diss in her attempt to denigrate another black Jamaican.

The description of the subject of the song as the 'black one', added to lyrics saying 'no matter how she bathe di gal still look dirty' and 'she look like di tar mi walk pon every day' are very disturbing for me. The notion of black people using blackness to curse each other just seem like backward, mental-slavery bull to me. How about you? Wha really wrong wid our people? Yu ever hear a white woman telling another white woman say she too white yet? Yu ever hear a Chinese man telling another one that him eye too slant? Now, who knows how many more young girls may decide to start bleaching, just to avoid somebody calling them 'di black one!' Well, mi still love Macka, but me lose affa har wid dah talk deh!

Anyway, how you and the annual holiday mayhem? Did you buy your gifts yet? Are you busy changing curtains, finishing floors, soaking fruits and sourcing sorrel? Have you arranged the ingredients for that Christmas dinner and organised an escort for the New Year's Eve ball yet? If your answer to any of the above is no, then you have very little time left. The big day is almost upon us.

Yes folks, friends, fans and family; in a couple days time it will be all over but for the shouting. By next week this time Christmas day would have come and gone. But guess what, next Tuesday is Christmas day but next Wednesday is Christmas Comedy Cook-up Day! And since it looks like they won't be killing each other with lyrics at STING, I want to publicly invite both Spice and Macka Diamond to join me and a host of other comedians for the annual feast of jokes at the Wyndham Kingston hotel, mek a kill dem wid laugh. Heheheh Hope to see you there too!


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