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December 20, 2012
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Dutty stepfada

Big up all a mi Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all a mi good-up good-up Mix-up Massive. An blessings to all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners. We learn nuff fram Mix-up an dem entertaining, so a we say Mix-up straight!! No hitching, rinsing time:

Dutty StepFada

A woman rinse da mix up ya weh happen to har wen she did likkle bit. When she was nine years old she did live wid har mada an stepfada. One day har stepfada go touch har weh him nuh fi touch har. She goh tell har mada, but di mada neva believe har dawta. Di stepfada gwaan an gwaan still him staat do all kinda tings to har, which included having sex wid di likkle girl.

All dis time di mada still neva believe weh har dawta a tell har. So di likkle girl neva have nobady else fi talk to, an neva know how fi deal wid di sexual abuse fram har stepfada.

Afta a while har mada get di opportunity fi migrate goh a farin. Di muma nuh do nuttin more dan lef har dawta wid di stepfada! Wen di mumma gaan, a dat time di man bruk weh pon di pickney. Di sex get regula an di poor likkle girl did jus haffi accept di horrible situation.

Di stepfada den staat to roll wid a bag a woman an eventually bring een a woman fi live wid him an him stepdawta - even though him still married to di girl mada. So while di stepfada did a sort out him woman inna di house, him still did a sort out him stepdawta.

One day di stepfada woman come home an ketch him a sort out di stepdawta. Wen di woman ketch dem di stepdawta did glad cause she did tink seh dis a goh finally mek di stepfada stop sex har. But that was not to be. Until todeh day di stepdawta nuh know wah him did goh say to him woman, but wateva him tell har neva cause har fi protek di pickney. Instead, di stepfada did still a gwaan sex off him stepdawta.

Eventually, di girl get pregnant. Di stepfada nuh do nuttin more dan goh tell him woman fi carry him stepdawta goh get an abortion. An a soh di girl did know fi sure say she would neva get any help fram har stepfada woman.

Den to make matters worse di likkle girl mada a farin decide say she a goh file fi har husband, di stepfada, before she file fi har dawta. And lo an behold di stepfada goh a farin while di likkle girl did lef back a Jamaica.

But di mada an di stepfada neva mek it a farin. Tings neva work out. Di smaddy who gimmi di mix-up, who a big woman now, say she neva find out why har mada an har stepfada break up. But afta dem break up a dat time di mumma bring up har dawta a farin.

Now di dawta a gimmi di mix-up an a say Jamaica need fi provide solutions fi young girls seek help wen dem a goh through dem tings ya. She say she a look back an a compare it to the US. Inna di US yuh have all kinds a people an organisations fi sexually abused girls. She say she neva have dat a Jamaica, an dats why she did feel helpless an alone inna har suffering. Yuh jus get di feeling say she did jus reach a point weh she did jus accept di abuse fram har stepfada.

Hear mi man, we nuh fi tolerate certain almshouse an seeming wickedniss fram woman, cause some woman move cold an terrible wen dem a deal wid man. But, mi always say if we eva know some a di wickedniss an evil deeds weh some man do to young girls, den we woulda undastan why dem same girls deh grow into some cold, heartless woman wen dem a deal wid man.

In many cases a man fault.

Me a cut, see unu Tuesday same place ya soh. Til den, nuh mek nuh duppy tek set pon unu. Bless up unu self.

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