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December 21, 2012
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Churchgoers 'cursed' for small offerings

Pastor insists they give at least $1,000

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Several members of a Corporate Area church are fuming at their pastor, who they claim is making them feel 'bad' when they give less than $1,000 during collection.

The members told THE WEEKEND STAR that the pastor seems to be 'throwing words' at them during his sermon, whenever he learns that some church members have not thrown the 'requested' $1,000.

So horrified are some of the members, that one even went as far as recording the pastor during one of his sermons, to show the words being 'thrown' at them. Many have chastised the clergyman for his 'rude' behaviour.

"The pastor is too bright him a come talk bout wi fi low him and that him no care," a member said.

The members said that they were verbally attacked by the clergyman during a ceremony recently. They revealed that during his sermon, the pastor asked those who were going to give $1,000 or more to come to the pulpit, but those who were not, to remain in their seats.

"That type of behaviour only cause members to be divided as it shows who have money and who don't," another member pointed out.

During the recording, which THE WEEKEND STAR heard, it was obvious that the preacher was giving a tongue-lashing to some members.

"Unnu low mi as mi a request from mi heart. Mi just affi do wah mi affi do," a member said he was told by the pastor when he was approached after one of his sermons.

The members said that at one point the church was collecting money for a member whose house was destroyed by fire, but when they gave what they had, they are made to feel as if they are mean.

They said while they are willing to give, it must be done orderly, and they can only give what they have.

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