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December 22, 2012
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My life with God now is wonderful

Sandra Palmer - George Henry


It is oftentimes said by persons who have surrendered their life to the Lord that the time they spent living a life of sin was a wasted one. And Sandra Palmer, who is Sunday school superintendent at the Contrivance New Testament Church of God in Manchester, also expressed similar sentiments during her interview.

"Looking back at my life then and my life with God now, I have to wonder what I was doing all these 30-odd years. Why didn't I come to God earlier; because I was nothing, I had an education, financially I was not bad; but just looking at it I was nothing," noted Palmer.

She pointed out that now that Christ has taken a hold of her life she is experiencing a peace that passes all understanding.

"It is not something that you can write a book about, because your true feelings will not even be there," noted Palmer.

She said her life as a Christian has been so different when compared to her former life. Palmer, who said she was a fan of parties and who used to party for days, said she was on her way from one such event after spending a night at a hotel on the north coast when she felt a terrible pain in her stomach.

"I had so much pain in my stomach. I thought that I had enjoyed myself so much at the party; and my husband had to stop along the way for me to get something for the pain," said Palmer.

Attended parties

The Sunday school superintendent said it was one year later that she surrendered her life to the Lord. She stated that the following year she went to watch night service at her church before she attended an annual concert to ring in the new year. For an entire week after the concert, Palmer said she felt so good in the Lord that she had to compare the times she attended parties with the time spent at the concert.

In comparison, Palmer said she did the correct thing when she stopped her partying and started to attend New Year's Eve concerts, because the pain she felt after a night of partying she has never felt from her attending concerts such as Genesis.

"There is that peace even two to three weeks after attending such concerts. Church services were still in me, and I had to say to myself that a life with Christ is just so different," said Palmer, who pointed out that she got saved in her bed in 2008.

"That was the Monday night. When I woke up the Tuesday morning, I called a pastor and told him that I was ready to be baptised. He asked what brought that on, and I told him how I felt the night before, and he said okay. I then got a week of counselling from him before I got baptised on August 10, 2008," said Palmer.

Ladies ministry

Palmer, who currently serves as president for the young women's ministry, public relations officer for the ladies ministry and who serves on the executive body of the benevolent society at her church, said she loves teaching Sunday school classes. She currently teaches the adult class, and according to her, she is enjoying what she does.

Her work as a Sunday school teacher sees her preparing from as early as Wednesday each week for her class; because she loves to ensure that she is fully prepared to help the adults at her church in Christian education.

Palmer's favourite Bible verse can be found in Habakkuk chapter 3 verse 17.

Her favourite choruses include Empty me, Fill my cup Lord and In the valley He restores my soul.

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