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December 24, 2012
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Super Beagle's royalties sky rocket... since Kanye West's 'Mercy' sample

( l - r ) Fuzzy Jones, Super Beagle

Dancehall veteran Super Beagle is celebrating renewed fame since his song Dust a Sound Boy was sampled by multi platinum- selling rapper/producer Kanye West on his single Mercy.

Despite the fact that Mercy has sold over two million copies in the US, making it a double platinum record, Super Beagle disclosed that he has not received any money as yet, however his royalties are booming again.

"Gussy Clarke from Anchor Records gave Kanye West the clearance through Universal Records. There is some dispute over rights now with the percentage that should be shared, so right now nuh money nuh run yet. But discussions are looking positive," Super Beagle said.

The veteran says the only profit made from the sampling so far, has come from his own copyright.

"Because mi tune get sample mi get some money but it's not exactly from Mercy. It's because of the popularity of Mercy that make a lot of people start purchase the original Dust A Sound Boy record again. So I am seeing a lot of improvement in my copyright royalties."

Super Beagle also denied claims made by a popular producer that the record belonged to his production. Super Beagle credits the production of Dust a Sound Boy to Winston Riley's Technique Records.

"This is Winston Riley from Technique Records tune. It was recorded at Music Works now called Anchor Records. Sojie was the engineer and it had nothing to do with that other producer making claims," Super Beagle continued.

"The thing is in dispute right now because everybody a sey dem own this and own that. Mi just wish Fuzzy Jones did copyright his part of the song - Fuzzy Jones maybe never saw it as being a serious thing so he never copyright his intros. If I could turn back the hands of time I would sey man register yu thing and deal wid it like a business," Super Beagle said.

He also disclosed that producers claiming the song largely ignored Fuzzy Jones during his quest to launch his career as a recording artiste. However, due to the fact that Kanye West sampled the single, selling millions as a result, they all want to cash in.

"Dem neva used to hear bout Fuzzy Jones from that producer, a since wi and Gussy Clarke start give Fuzzy work him start get more work. A through some a dem hear that the man sell platinum - if I get a good cheque from Kanye West it would be a pleasure to give assistance to Fuzzy Jones' family, if I can find them and prove they are real, because all I do is good. I just don't want to see any impostors," Super Beagle said.

He also clarified misconceptions about why he was entitled to royalties from Mercy.

"People who are in the business are very ignorant about the business and just follow what people say by talking nonsense. They don't know about copyright, they make it sound as if it's Fuzzy Jones' song. Fuzzy Jones was featured on my song, the song was released two years before Fuzzy Jones was added to it. Yuh can have a song and somebody put an intro on it but that does not make them the owner," Super Beagle said.

Super Beagle is set to release a new album in 2013 and is expected to embark on a European tour. He is now the first artiste to sell platinum with a dubplate, and Fuzzy Jones the first dancehall intro man to sell platinum with an intro.

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