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December 24, 2012
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Still happily married

Reverend Teslyn Nation-Black and her husband Donald Black posing for the camera. - George Henry

Reverend Teslyn Nation-Black and her husband Evangelist Donald Black have been married for 11 years. They tied the knot on June 2, 2001.

Teslyn Nation-Black told THE STAR that she met her husband at a crusade in St Ann. She noted that when the crusade was over they conversed, and the Lord showed her in a vision that something special was going to take place in her life.

"A sister by the name of Hannan from Sanguinetti in Clarendon called me one morning and told me that the Lord said she should pray for a husband for me, whether young or old. At that time, deep down within me I said that I wanted a 70-year-old man to get married to. However, she said to me whether young or old," said Reverend Nation-Black.

Nation-Black said a man told her that he had a revelation for her, and that the revelation was that a man with a round face could marry her.

"He said to me, 'this is what God said and you better prepare for it'. Right there this young man (referring to her husband beside her) met me," said Reverend Nation-Black.

Reverend Nation-Black said Donald came to her house to visit her one day and asked her if she would marry him. She said her response was that she did not want any man in her life because she was too free like a bird in the air.

"I said to him that I love the word of God and I am married to Jesus, and that's all I want in my life. She said also when her husband proposed she asked him if he was an idiot, and told him to go and pray about it.

Reverend Nation-Black said she had an eight-year-old grandson at the time, and one day he turned to her and asked if Evangelist Black asked her to marry him. She said her reply was yes and then she laughed. She went on to say that her grandson told her he loved Evangelist Black and he wanted her to pray about the wedding.

urge to get married

A smiling Evangelist Black, who is much younger than his wife, said it was the Holy Ghost that gave him the urge to marry Teslyn. "I did really decide within myself that I wanted to accumulate what my purpose in life is first. However, the Lord sees things better than we do, and when I stood near her and the Holy Ghost said to me that I should open my mouth and talk to her, I said to myself that I was not going to say anything because I don't like insults," reminisced Evangelist Black.

He recalled that a voice asked him why he was so stubborn, before he built up courage and asked Teslyn if she would marry him. Her response was a big laugh before she told him to go and pray about it. But Black said his confidence in God gave him the assurance that she would have given him the answer he was looking for.

Eleven years have passed and they have been enjoying their marriage with all the challenges they have in life. Nation-Black said she has always sought God about a life partner. She said she told God that if he was going to give her a partner He should give her one who she can lean on.

"I can say that my husband has always been to me as if he is the older one, he was the father. He is just everything to me; and so I really thank God that I obeyed Him (God). If he should ask the question again, 'would you marry me?', I would be quick to say, 'yes I will'," confessed Reverend Nation-Black.

Reverend Nation-Black encourages young people not to look at a man but just to allow God to make that choice for them, because when God makes the choice it doesn't matter how the hills are hard to climb, He will take them through.

Evangelist Black, who shared similar sentiments, added that marriage is a life of experience and couples should not think that things will be easy in marriages, but that if they trust God things will work out. He added that if he should live his life over, he would again marry Reverend Nation-Black.

"We work difficult times out and we work good times out. In as much as how people might say things are nice in their marriage, there will be times in which difficulties will come. However, what is good is that the Lord always allows us to work out these difficulties together," said Evangelist Black.

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