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December 24, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


How rude of you!

Dear Pastor,

I have never considered writing you in my lifetime, but after reading your response to 'Concerned Reader' in THE STAR, published Monday, November 26, I am appalled and disgusted.

You responded, saying the reader is "stone crazy and have gone nuts. Religion has turned you into an idiot. People like you need to be pitied," end of quote.

What kind of a pastor disrespects someone like that? You claim to be a man of God giving people advice and then you turned around and showed your true colours like that? How rude of you! I have lost all interest in your column after reading what you said to that person. You are not a man of good heart, and you definitely are not anywhere near God. If you felt offended by what the reader said, you should have just said, "Well, that is your opinion."

Shame on you! You are a fake and should stop calling yourself Pastor, because you are no different from the hooligans outside.


Dear C.B.,

For those who did not read the letter and my response, which has generated your anger, I would like to say that the writer of the letter condemned me for supporting divorce and remarriage and also for not supporting the death penalty. The writer exhorted me to tell the people the truth because the Bible supports the death penalty and the Bible condemns people who are divorced and remarried.

I told the writer that he was ignorant of the true teachings of the Bible on these subjects and I will never support the death penalty. You have conveniently picked out what suits you in my response. I would like you to know that I make no apology for what I have said, none whatsoever. I also would like you to know that you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions, and so am I. It is absurd for you to tell me what I should say in response to any letter in my column. And judging from what you have written, you are in no position to judge my character. You believe that it is wrong to say that a writer is "stone crazy and nuts." Jesus described some of the scribes and Pharisees as "hypocrites" and likened them to "whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outside but within full of dead men bones and of all uncleanness" (Mathew 23:27). Would you consider Jesus rude for describing them in such a manner?

Jesus also described Herod in an uncomplimentary style when he called Herod a "fox" (Luke 13:32). Jesus meant that Herod was a bamboozler, deceiver and a fool. So if you are willing to condemn me for speaking the truth and describing this man as "nuts," would you be willing to condemn Jesus too?

I am not here seeking your friendship. I am here to speak the truth and I must live with my conscience, regardless of what you might think.


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