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December 27, 2012
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Grimy stepfada an uncle

Happy New Year to all a unu inna di Tambareen Fambily an di Mix Up massive. May unu get rid a all di 2012 crasses an deadweight weh did a draw unu dung. May unu have di courage fi get rid a di evil, bad-mind people dem who did a try fi stifle unu all a dis year. May you cut an clear weh di nastiniss dem weh nuh have nuttin betta fi do but fi walk an heng pon unu name. May you fling weh di rotten dead meat dem an lef dem to dem destiny - which is fi mek johncrow nyam dem.

Alakashamaloo!! Alahiskidoo Scooby doo!! Shalama!!

Yes ... talk inna tongues!!

May you make the choices that will make your 2013 a blessed and productive year, wid bare tings a gwaan fi yuh, yuh happy, money a run flushy, everybady jus want yuh soh, an yuh swag jus tun up till it buck an a beat out bad mind outa di gully-bacteria dem!!

Shalama Shalama!!!

Now bus a Miss Kitty fahwud!!! - Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Now pree da mix-up ya!

Grimy StepFada an Uncle

Hey Raga,

What's up? Happy holidays to u and a blessed and prosperous new year.

Raga, mi a read u article bout di dutty stepfada an mi can seh mi can relate. As a child it was my mada stepfada and 'im son who is my mada breda. I remember as a child growing up, u know how ghetto house stay aready, both a dem use to molest me at nights when everybody gaan a dem bed by touching me in dat place weh dem nuh suppose to. Finally it reach di point where at 12 yrs old mi mada breda ave sex wid mi one night, thank God it was di only time. Eventually, mi migrate to di US and when mi a sen tings fi di family, mi not even sen a T-shirt go gi di breda cuz mi have hatred inna mi heart fi im; all wen mi mada stepfada dead mi neva feel no way an mi neva go a di funeral, inside mi did kinna glad im dead.

Everybody knew about di abuse but nothing was done about it. I realised as I got older how wrong it was and it start bada mi meds to di point where mi a tink bout it more an it mek mi cry pon a regula. A few years ago, mi go Jamaica an we all sit down an a talk an mi decide fi tell di family bout when mi mada breda did ave sex wid mi an mi decide seh mi did ago confront him. My auntie tell mi seh mi nuh fi confront him, mi fi let it go cuz it appen long time. Raga, it still bada mi until todeh day, tears a roll dung mi face as mi a write dis now. Mi tink di only way mi can get ova dis is fi confront im an tell bout im nasty claat. Weh u tink?

Listen mi nuh ... weda it happen yessideh or 10 years ago IT STILL WRONG!!!!!

Mi say wen di mix-up dem bus pon mi show up ya a Obama Lan mi still upset wid di amount a caller dem weh say dem mada dem did know say dem a get sexually abused an nuh do nuttin bout it. Me know say dis a gwaan long time, but it still really depressing fi hear all dese woman an talk bout weh man do dem at nine years old, an dem muma know an nuh do nuttin.

If yuh feel seh yuh wi feel betta if yuh confront him an done him den dweet. Yuh aunty a luu fi know say him sexually abuse yuh at 12 years old, an now a tell yuh say yuh nuh fi say nuttin cause it happen long time. If a soh she feel now dat mean she wi do di same ting again if she find out seh yuh uncle rape anneda likkle pickney. It's not about yuh aunty. It's about you! If yuh waan confront yuh uncle den dweet. Jus be careful yuh have backative wid yuh in case him waan step to yuh.

Bless up yuhself, an me waan yuh be blessed wid a New Year that is as tear-free as possible.

Happy New Year to all a unu Mixocrats.

Bless up unu tan good self.

"... it still really depressing fi hear all dese woman an talk bout weh man do dem at nine years old, an dem muma know an nuh do nuttin."

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