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December 27, 2012
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The Kingston Central police are investigating circumstances where an electrician was brutally murdered two days before Christmas allegedly for some gold bars he reportedly had in his possession, THE STAR understands.

Information reaching THE STAR is that 32-year-old Jason 'Trace Cross' Plunkett was shot and killed on Sunday night by an unknown assailant following an alleged conspiracy by men known to him.

Reports are that there are those who wanted to have him killed over decisions he took arising from the recent multi-million dollar gold grab which transpired in the community.

Our news team understands that Plunkett was at home about 9 p.m. in the Fletchers Land community, in the company of his two children and common-law wife, when disaster struck.

THE STAR was told that during the attack, Plunkett's common-law wife escaped without injuries. The children were not harmed. THE STAR gathered that the extremely valuable gold bars were stolen following a robbery gone wrong, involving the owners of a furniture and jewellery department store in Kingston a few weeks ago.

A friend of the deceased told THE STAR, "Di man dem see riches after da big find deh so vibes did ago grow because a Christmas and every man want a ting... Mi vex how dem kill di man and everybody weh did out deh, hold on pan some of di gold ... Di whole community have gold spread bout di place ... So weh dem ago do, kill everybody?"

Our news team was told that a few weeks ago, sections of Duke street was awakened by loud explosions believed to be gunfire. When the shooting stopped, some residents who went to look, stumbled on the gold. It is reported that several persons reportedly grabbed it before fleeing the scene.

THE STAR has been reliably informed that groups of people who reside in the nearby community went scavenging and stumbled on the quantity of gold believed to have been left behind from the heist.

It is believed that the gold bricks were taken back to the community and that was when disagreements with other factions in the already divided area began to take shape.

A resident of the community told THE STAR, "Yea man a dats why dem kill di yute. A over some gold ting yuh get mi, Is like it nah share right or wah but a dat gwan. Mi wish a never so it go still cause di yute a good yute and him nuh live fi see Christmas ... Dem a talk bout how him want run di place."

THE STAR also gathered from onlookers that the police who went to the crime scene removed a quantity of the gold from the dwelling of the deceased, however, no confirmation has been provided.

When our news team contacted the Kingston Central police, the investigating officer was unavailable for comment. Several calls to Superintendent Steve McGregor as well as the Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of crime went unanswered.

A colleague from the division however insisted that the police were aware of the 'missing' gold and that they were following strong leads into the incident as two men were held in custody for questioning.

THE STAR was advised that the police have stepped up presence in the area and will continue to monitor activities in that community until normality is restored.

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