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December 27, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


I'm involved with a robot-taxi man

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to tell you about my life. I am a young Christian girl who was baptised four years ago. I am now 20 years old. Last year while working, I met a taxi driver, and as time went by, he started to become interested in me. He used to call me every evening when I was leaving work. He used to carry me to places to try and have sex with me. I never told anyone what he was trying to do.

I think that because I am a quiet person and a lot of people have been admiring me and like me, some people think that they can use me and get away with it. I don't really have many friends or take any part in church. I am just mainly like a visitor, although I have been baptised at the church. I don't talk that much because I don't really find a lot of things to talk about. I lack self-confidence. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so quiet.

It has been over a year now since the taxi driver and I have been seeing each other. I am trying to stop seeing him because he always wants sex from me. He is 46 years old and he has 6 children. I am trying to further my education now and leave him alone. He can barely support me financially. The only thing I mostly get from him is free rides. Because his car is not a legal taxi, he only operates it at nights and does charters.

Well, I was living a secret life and now I am trying to abstain from sex and go back into church and start worshipping God in spirit and in truth.


Dear S.,

I am glad that you have come to realise that you have made a big mistake by getting sexually involved with this robot-taxi driver. He does not have any money to spend on you because he has to take care of his six children. He has used you. Too bad that you allowed him to do so.

I hope that now that you have come to your senses that you would indeed go back to school and become active in your church. I am sure that if you learn to associate with the young people at your church you will develop some self-confidence. When you feel depressed, talk to the senior women you respect in your church and ask them for spiritual help and guidance.


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