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December 28, 2012
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I did not run from the clash - Macka Diamond

( l - r )Macka Diamond Deejay Spice

After her no-show for the anticipated clash with artiste Spice, Macka Diamond is now lashing out at persons who have been saying that she ran from the clash.

The artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was already booked for another show and that representatives of Sting were giving her the run-around as it related to her performance time.

"I have my usual show on Boxing Day in Kellits so I called a Downsound representative who told me I would be performing at 5:04 a.m., or 5:45 a.m. When mi look mi see 6 a.m., come and still no clash, so mi leave and go mi other show. Mi not even did aware say we did a go clash cause when mi ask, dem tell me say dem never pay mi fi clash so I wouldn't be clashing," Macka Diamond said.

She went on to say that she watched Spice's performance on the Internet.

"She bring on donkey pon stage and she sound so weak! She carry donkey pon stage and last time she carry horse pon stage, it look like she inna di animal ting. Mi not even show up and she could not even hold her own," she said.

A militant Spice came prepared for the clash but stood unopposed as she waited for Macka Diamond to appear.

After several calls and still no Macka Diamond, Spice then called out 'Farmer Joe' and a donkey, who she referred to as Macka's twin and went into singing Who Let Out The Donkey, her response to Macka Diamond's previous clash single.

After continuing her set, a young female deejay made her way to the stage, in an effort to clash Spice. She was however, quickly dismissed with a slew of insults and left the stage without making an impact.

Although rumours have been circulating that the young artiste that attempted to walk up on stage during Spice's set was orchestrated by Macka Diamond, she denied these claims.

"I don't know that girl. I swear. I don't have a clue who she is. But if Sting was honest wid me and tell me say me and Spice really a go clash, mi woulda go the other event first and den come done her at Sting."

Meanwhile, Spice's camp told The WEEKEND STAR that when it came to the real test, Macka Diamond refused to take to the stage

"I got tired of calling her out, so I called out her twin, which was the donkey and took it from there. I'm leaving Macka Diamond behind in 2012 where she belongs. She got the opportunity to try to lyrically compete with me onstage and didn't want to. That's not my problem. But she can definitely stop calling my name now because her insignificant sentence in the good chapter of my even greater book has ended."

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