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December 28, 2012
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Motorists, please drive carefully

Several vendors in downtown Kingston have complained that sales were very slow this Christmas and things did not go very well for them, but many are optimistic that their business will improve next year.

One vendor said she bought $20,000 worth of goods and was expecting to make a huge profit but all she made was less than half of what she had expected.

"I had to sell them back very cheap because the goods were vegetables and fruits, and they spoil very easily," she explained.

One vendor was not as fortunate as her friend because she said she decided not to lower the prices and had to throw away about a quarter of her vegetables because they were spoilt.

"It is really true when I hear the people talking that business was very bad for them this year, I know that for a fact because business was very, very slow for me this year," she said.

"I did not reduce the prices for the goods during the early hours because I thought that in the evening hours many people would come out to the market. It just did not happen, and I even thought I could sell some of the goods at a cheaper price on Christmas Eve, but there were not many buyers at that time. I had to throw away some of the vegetables the day after because they were spoilt," she added.

"Well, I am thankful for life because the minibus which was taking me back home from the market nearly crashed into a truck. I am happy no one was injured.

We were fortunate, but a relative of one of my friends was not that lucky. He was travelling in a taxi when it crashed and he had to be hospitalised. The sad thing is that despite the injuries he suffered, he will not be able to make any claim because the taxi was not insured.

"I am now making a special appeal to all motorists, and it is my wish for the new year that motorists will ensure that their motor vehicles are not only roadworthy but that they are licensed and insured. I have known of another case in which the relatives of the deceased cannot get any compensation. He was a passenger in a motorcar and died when the car was involved in an accident. The car was not insured at the time of the accident. He was the breadwinner for his family and, since his death three years ago, they have been facing difficult times.

"I am also appealing to motorists to make it their pledge for the new year to stop speeding and drive carefully on the roads. There are too many accidents taking place in Jamaica because of reckless and careless driving," she emphasised.

You have made an appeal to the motorists and I do hope they will take your appeal seriously because too many lives are being snuffed out or persons seriously injured because motorists do not obey the Road Traffic Act and the regulations. Motorists must bear in mind that if they break the law and are caught they will be severely punished. They must always remember that there are other motorists who are obeying the law, and innocent people should not have to suffer because of the motorists who have utmost disregard for the law.

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