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December 28, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


Daddy's sex slave

Dear Pastor,

My dad had sex with me before I was 11 years old. He also had sex with my sister when she was 13. Sometimes we used to sleep in the same bed with him. My father was a school teacher. One night I woke up and I saw a condom in the chimmy. I became angry and my dad asked me what was wrong but I did not answer. And my sister exclaimed that I was jealous. He used to come into our room and have sex with us.


When he started to have sex with my sister, he didn't know that I realised what was going on. He used to creep on the bed and lie down behind my sister and enter her from behind and she would just lay there. One day while my sister was in the same school that my father was teaching, she fainted in the female restroom and she was vomiting. My father told everyone that it was because she had gas. He took her to the doctor. I knew my sister was pregnant, and milk was coming out of her breasts.

Daddy's Sex Slave

Dear Daddy's Sex Slave,

Your father cannot expect your sister and you to respect him. He doesn't deserve it. He is a wicked man. And although he was a school teacher, he did not have good morals. The man sexually ravished your sister and you. Too bad none of you reported him to relatives or even to the police. I am sure that you were ashamed of what he was doing and you were also afraid of him and didn't want to cause a scandal. He shouldn't have been in the classroom. He should have been punished. He got away from the law of the land but he wouldn't get away from God unless he repents of his evil deeds.

I hope you girls are doing well. May God bless you and meet your needs.


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