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December 31, 2012
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Sabotage? - Road manager cries foul after Merciless Sting loss


Dancehall artiste Merciless is claiming he was sabotaged at Sting 2012.

According to Wayne Lonesome, who operates as road manager for Merciless, the promoters already handpicked who they wanted to win the tag team clash between Merciless, Tony Matterhorn, Ninja Man and current clash champion KipRich.

"A nuh suh clash guh, Jamaica music a guh back way. When yu duh clash people wait until when yu sing then dem counteract yu. Dem set this clash long-time and know who a guh win already," an upset Lonesome said.

He also blames MC Nuffy, who he says, set the precedence for Tony Matterhorn and Merciless to lose the clash.

dat nuh fair

"Dem sey the last one come out always have a disadvantage and when Nuffy a introduce the artiste dem, him call out KipRich first because dem want KipRich fi win. If dem a duh it like boxing each contestant should be in a different corner of the ring, but instead they introduced KipRich as a champion and dat nuh fair. KipRich all a chat four tune before the man dem chat one and a mek up noise when dem a talk. Is a plan ting," the manager said.

Lonesome also had some strong words for the reigning Sting champion.

"KipRich fi keep him likkle mouth shut because him nuh know nothing bout clash, him fi guh sidung. And when dem a duh clash dem fi have rule. Dem all a tun dung Merciless mic one a di time and Laing muss mek sure sey dem thing deh cut out or else more artiste a guh boycott the show," he said.

According to Lonesome, the crowd was biased because KipRich brought them.

"I don't even think that KipRich forwards were legitimate. A bogus forward dem deh; a pure bus load a people him carry wid him. Wi neva carry nuh supporters, a just the management team. KipRich pay people and pack dem up inna van carry dem guh Sting. A nuh clash dat man a punk dat man," he said.

Dat A Nuh Clash

The manager/producer at Run Things Studio said Merciless will release a series of songs in 2013. He disclosed that Merciless is recording a song called Dat A Nuh Clash which reveals what really happened at Sting 2012.

In his defence, Clash Referee/MC Nuffy said Merciless would not win the clash even if he was called out first.

"If mi call out Merciless first or call out Matterhorn first it would have been the same result. They were too slow for KipRich. Once I called up Merciless on a show and he took 15 minutes to come on stage so it's his regular habit to come on stage late, Merciless did drunk a Sting man, mi did see it inna him face. KipRich neva talk during dem time, it's just that they talk too much and KipRich is not into no long talking, him just deejay. If Merciless did bring the whol a Jamworld fi cheer fi him, the results wudda be the same," MC Nuffy said.

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