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January 2, 2013
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Diandra Grandison, Staff Writer

There appears to be a trend developing where persons are now using taxis as 'mobile motels' to engage in sexual activities.

Reports reaching THE STAR is that some passengers, who use various taxi companies in the Corporate Area for transportation, are now using the back seats of cabs as their bedrooms, but at a price.

Lester Edwards* a taxi driver for some 13 years told THE STAR that a few weeks ago he went to pick up three passengers from a party in the Caribbean Estates area in Portmore, St. Catherine.

He said, "two of the girls went in the back seat while one went in to the front, the two in the back started kissing." He continued "then all of a sudden mi see dem start getting it on" When THE STAR asked what he meant by "getting it on" he said, "they started to engage in oral sex."

"When I realise what was going on I told them they have to pay more because they paying for a room and a drive."

He said he added $1,000 to their fare.

Fred* who works at another popular taxi company in the corporate area told THE STAR "Is mainly the 'Big L' (lesbians) that mainly do those kind of tings." He said he has seen passengers "kiss up and feel up each other especially lesbians regularly in his cab."

He continued "they don't know that I'm looking at them through the middle mirror, but I see them when they are doing their thing in the back, because I angle my mirror so they can't see me but I can see them."

Meanwhile, Chynno* a chartered taxi operator says although he has never witnessed any passengers in his vehicle engaging in sexual activities he says he has come across two men kissing and asked them to vacate his vehicle.

He also told THE STAR that he has heard stories from colleagues who have had such encounters.

"My bredrin told me that he picked up a couple from Quad (a nightclub in Kingston) and they started petting and making out, he said the man asked him to pull over, to which my friend said it's going to cost him extra, he said the guy paid him $5,000 to pull over and come out of the vehicle to let him and the girl have sex."

Chynno told THE STAR that the original cost of the couple's fare was $500.

Meanwhile, Head of the Police Traffic Division, SSP Radcliffe Lewis told THE STAR "I have no knowledge of this practise, but if caught by the police they (the persons having sex in the taxi) will be charged with improper conduct."

Names changed*

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