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January 2, 2013
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Man killed in Portland

Gareth Davis Sr., STAR Writer

Swift River:

Said to be the safest parish, Portland, on Sunday recorded its ninth murder for 2012, following the shooting death of a man in Swift River.

Dead is Andrew Falter, 51, unemployed, who was shot by gunmen shortly after 12:30 a.m.

The police say Falter, who frequently visits the United Kingdom, was at home with his common-law wife, when a group of men attempted to break into his three bedroom concrete house, which was secured with burglar bars.

According to the police, the men, who were unsuccessful in their attempts, decided to break into his car instead, and in the process broke both windscreens, while bashing in two of the doors.

The police say the men afterwards headed towards a bedroom window, where a single shot was fired hitting Falter in the left side, after which he collapsed. The police say the men then made a hasty retreat.

Falter was pronounced dead at hospital.

It is the second murder in the parish in less than four days following the stabbing death of a 33-year old higgler in Kensington on Thursday. Police are looking for a man known only as 'Chiney' in connection with that killing.

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