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January 2, 2013
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He doesn't want to be baptised

Dear Pastor,

I am in need of your advice. I am going to church and I am ready to be baptised. I am with my boyfriend for three years and we talk about marriage, but sometimes it seems as if he is not serious and that makes me angry.

I do love him and I know he loves me also, but I am tired of waiting. I don't want the year to finish and I don't get baptised. We are planning to build a house next year because we are living in my uncle's house. Please give me your advice. Thank you in advance.


Dear N.,

I suggest that you discuss this problem with the pastor of the church and ask him to meet with the both of you. Perhaps the pastor would be able to give him reasons why it would be better for both of you to get married before you are baptised. Remember, you cannot force this man to marry you. But he can be encouraged to do so. But whether or not he agrees to marry you, please do not stop attending church.


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