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January 3, 2013
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Jamaicans make New Year's resolutions

Three days into the new year of 2013, some Jamaicans are still brainstorming and pondering about New Year's resolutions.

However, some already have their minds made up and are eager to see whether or not their respective expectations will improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

THE STAR traversed the Corporate Area yesterday and spoke with a few Jamaicans who willingly shared their respective resolutions.

- Sheldon Williams

Katina Morgan

"I think that parliamentarians should cut their benefits and reduce the unnecessary spending of taxpayers money and the unnecessary importation of goods."

Pamela Hannah Kamtha

" My New Year's resolution is to get more money. Mi wah money, money, money. Mi bruk like a church mouse. Mi wah money. Also, mi want crime fi stop."

Natesha James

"To make some money and do better in school and just to have fun and enjoy the year and to make the best of every day."

Domonique James and Shantana James

" To work harder and spend more time with my daughter," Shantana.

"To pass my GSAT," Domonique.

Claudette Hannah

" I wish to see my people give their lives to the Lord; and the crime rate to go down to nought and for paedophile men to stop molesting the children and let them live."

Taneisha Dias Clayton

"For my New Year's resolution, I want to get more jobs in the catering world; to be a better Christian and to have a pair of twins for the year."

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