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January 4, 2013
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Promoters battle over party name - 'Rae Town' tag in midst of controversy
André Williams, STAR Writer

Rae Town regular dances with a much younger partner.

An ongoing squabble for the tag 'Rae Town' appears to be heating up for a showdown in court as talks of lawsuit dominates the seemingly never-ending drama between two promoters over use of the location's name in conjunction with events.

Both promoters claim ownership of the brand and, by extension, to be registered with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO), and are preparing to lock horns in court to protect against each other from using the name Rae Town when hosting events.

Promoter Norma Wright contacted THE WEEKEND STAR claiming that she was perturbed with the actions of another promoter who continuously uses her brand.

She said, "It is not the first time he has done it. I have sent out a public notice before a few years ago and he is still using the name Rae Town. I am the owner of the name and he tried to register after me and was barred because I have the rights to the name."

She continued, "I might sue or he has to share with me and give me some of the funds. He has an upcoming event with the name Rae Town and he is not to use the name Rae Town in any form of entertainment."

Wright told THE WEEKEND STAR that it gets complicated because people have been calling her to find out if her event is still being held.

She expressed, "I had something on Saturday, the '30th Anniversary of Rae Town Old Hits' and it went well; however, people were calling me to find out if my event was still on because they heard of another Rae Town event happening sometime this weekend. Some were even saying they wouldn't attend the one last weekend but they will attend the one coming up."

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted event organiser Lloyd Brady who also utilises the tag Rae Town, he was adamant he has not been infringing on anybody's property rights.

Brady said, "there is no infringement ... my event (Uptown Rae Town) has been going on for four years ... we went to JIPO and registered and before that we did a search to see if the name was owned."

He continued, "we submitted the application in about 2008-2009 and two days after we were registered, they went and tried to get registered ... . The word Rae Town is not owned by anyone, it is a geographic location and there is no event or party that used the name 'Uptown Rae Town' before us."

Brady later told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is prepared to go to court because every year when it's time for him to host his event, he is faced with some form of opposition from Wright.

He also said that persons have been removing his posters and billboards that he has spent valuable money for.

Brady expressed, "I have documentation to prove that I am registered ... she must sue me in court because I am ready with my lawyers to fight this in court and let the judge rule on it. Party nuh mek fi she alone and a nuff money me spend."

THE WEEKEND STAR also gathered that another promoter was allegedly stopped in his tracks when he tried to use the tag Rae Town with his event a few years ago.

Checks were made by THE WEEKEND STAR with JIPO to see who, if any of the two promoters had ownership of the tag Rae Town. However, up until press time, the relevant personnel were reportedly unavailable.

Subsequent checks made on the company's website did not provide any answers either, as such documentation was not available for public scrutiny.

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