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January 4, 2013
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'Prophets' see mixed future for Ja!

Crystal Harrison & Diandra Grandison, Star Writers

This year, according to some spiritualists, is shaping up to be one of more bad than good.

Though the spiritualists shied away from giving specific dates for their readings, they admitted that the predictions didn't have much to do with a popular view that the number 13 means bad luck.

A prophetess said the country will experience more natural disasters and loss of business.

Prophetess Faith Williams, who is associated with the Prayer Ministry Deliverance Centre in Linstead, St Catherine, said that in addition to telling the media her predictions for 2013, she has attempted to deliver a special message to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

She said she only managed to speak with the PM's driver, who told her she was off the island and gets spiritual messages on a daily basis.

The message to PM was that she should plunge the entire country into 21 days of fasting.

"Jamaicans should repent from adultery, fornication, witchcraft in high and low places. The Lord will destroy this country for he said that the people draw unto him with their mouths, but their hearts are far. I got the first Word last Friday, I got a second one on Monday and this morning (yesterday), I got a third one saying that Christians are being called to take their rightful place and for backsliders to come back home," Prophetess Williams said.

Meanwhile, Simon Davis, a reader man from St Catherine, was unable to give a specific reading for the country. "The energy that I'm getting is that inflation will be making a downfall this year," he noted, however.

Professor Aba of the House of Power Society said 2013 will see a lot of hardship for many people.

"This year will see bad luck for some, while others will be very fortunate. Most of the year will be hard overall until October. I don't know why October came up but after October things will get better. I am not seeing any major disasters that are gonna mash up the country, but, specially, I am seeing a big accident on one of our highways. Not an accident involving two or so vehicles, but a major one," he said.

Professor Aba, who is based in Montego Bay, added that he was unable to tell the specific highway. He said, however, that normally when persons come to him directly he can do preventative prayers for them.

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