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January 7, 2013
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Traffic ticket amnesty!

Fire deh a muss muss tail him tink a cool breeze and a so it feel when mi realise seh Radcliffe an di government naa ramp wid di traffic ticket amnesty!

Mi naa lie most a we hear di ad pon di radio but neva a pay too keen attention to it cause we busy a try mek ends meet, a look di money fi pay bills and of course haffi a deal wid all kinda odda stress. So we neva did a focus pon di deadline til' di 99th hour.

Smaddy ask mi if mi have any an chu mi know mi pay up my money me wid my boombastic self bawl out HELL NO! Di person seh "Fluffy mek mi jus check it fi yuh an mek sure". Chu mi no have a ticket burden pon my neck back mi put in mi details an when mi see di result come up mi mouth open wide!

If I did have een false teet dem drop out! Di system seh mi have outstanding ticket which mi know from heaven to earth seh mi pay dem! Mi start call up all a who mi know fi go check fi dem own and everybody have at least one. Di issue is not even the outstanding ticket but the fact seh dem pay already!

stringent punishment

Mi no have no problem with the government holding people accountable for traffic violations they have committed, but if dem a go roll out a program of this nature with such severe and stringent punishment, den God Almighty mek sure di system is 'foolproof'! Unnu cyaa have people a operate a system who no know bout it, no understand it and a give people who want to pay di run around! Di average person no keep dem traffic receipt years pon top a years an mi tink that is the heights a slackness fi people haffi repay outta wah dem don't have already!

Radcliffe seh the computa dem neva did a talk to each other well dem need fi set up a meeting so dem can talk! The process of proving seh yuh did pay is compounded by di long lines and lack of information which was a great inconvenience! Not even embassy ram so! Some people sure seh dem pay dem ticket so til' dem can memba di clothes dem have on when dem go pay it!


If we are going to have a system to collect and hold citizens responsible we should not be disadvantaged in anyway because many were dealt a great injustice. Who a go have time fi stop from work again, join long line and go through wah mount a rigmarole weh a go end up cost yuh more anyway fi di ticket? No system is without flaw but the rights of the populace must be protected and not at their expense.

One ting mi hope we learn from dah amnesty yah though, is dat we cyaa be so last minute and time is of the essence. We need fi shake di slavery mentality wah a only when big whip ova we back we get cracking! Di people dem a advertise dem ticket anmesty fi six months now and we no look pon dem so we cyaa too blame dem when dem seh time dun. Some people will quick fi jump to odda tings that not important and leave wah necessary fi last.

Well chu mi no waa no warrant issue fi mi an mi no waa dem bangle me, mi mek sure mi pay dem AGAIN an hide di receipt dis time in the secret place of the most high! If unnu no sort out yet try gwaan cause unnu no waa face Radcliffe a court at all. Di system cyaa pressure di system. We all have to do our part fi mek it work so we no hear di big gate lock pon we!


Radcliffe seh the computa dem neva did a talk to each other well dem need fi set up a meeting so dem can talk!

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