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January 7, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Open letter to Pastor
Dear Pastor,

People will never be satisfied with everything someone says. Take courage, Pastor. You are doing everything with the conviction of God. What I do not understand is how these God-fearing ministers of the gospel can easily say that people should be hanged and their blood should be shed.

Statistics have shown that many people who have been sentenced to prison have found God. Look at Paul the Apostle. His life was surely revolutionised by the power of God. God used him tremendously. What if Paul was captured and hanged? Most of the epistles were written by him; the world would not have known such an icon.

As for marriage, what if one of the parties does not want to be married, can one still hold on? Not in North America, one does not need the signature of the partner to get a divorce if one of the parties refuses to sign. In the book of Numbers, it says that one can remarry if a spouse left the union without good reason.

It is that person who walked out of a marriage union who has to deal with God.

H.R., North America

Dear H.R.,

Bible scholars tell us that Paul died a martyr's death around 64 AD. One of the church fathers, Eusebius, taught that Paul was martyred in Rome. Some believe that when Rome was burnt in 64 AD, that Paul was blamed for that fire and it was during the persecution of Nero he was killed.

Nevertheless, God mightily used Paul before he was martyred. And his writings of the Epistle are indeed divinely inspired.

Concerning divorce and remarriage, I believe that you mean the Book of Deuteronomy which permits divorce and not the Book of Numbers. Please see Deuteronomy 24:1-4.

Thank you for your letter and may God bless you.


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