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January 8, 2013
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Moutamassy Wifey

Blessings an respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix Up linky-linky. An big up all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners pon linkupradio.com an 93.5 inna New York City. A Mix-Up mi say.

Mix up Big-up to di wife who fi a long time always a chat say she know say har husband a tek woman outa road, but dat all a dem gyal deh know dem haffi hide cause dem know if she eva find dem out she a goh beat out dem nastinisses. A bare tuff chat she always mek bout di matey dem weh haffi hide. She always a talk bout di different ways she woulda beat dem an how she woulda mek gyal see har husband an nuh waan him again.

Soh one day, she an har fren a roll through downtown Brooklyn, an har fren see a nex woman who she know a tek di husband. Di fren turn to di wife an say "Me a goh tell yuh supm but me nuh waan yuh do nuttin crazy. Me jus waan show yuh supm." Di wife say awright. Di fren point pon a girl an tell di wife say "See one a di gyal deh weh a tek yuh man." Di wife neva hitch, she jus staat move towards har mate right away. Har fren staat to grab har an a beg har nuh fi goh ova deh to di mate. But di wife say she naa know nuh gyal weh a tek har man an nuh beat har. All di fren a hol har an a try stop har it was in vain. Di wife did determine say she a goh ova deh goh beat di gyal weh a tek har man.

Wen di wife a reach ova deh it look like di mate prips har a fahwud an turn fi face di wife. Di wife a walk dung pon di mate an a talk at di same time. Di wife bawl out supm like "Hey gyal, mi hear say yuh a one a dem weh a tek mi husband. Him name ________ . A true?? Mi waan know if a true??" While di wife a say dis, she a bear dung pon har mate. It look like cause di mate did get ketch off har guard she did a back-back fram di wife. An because di mate did a back-back it mussi mek di wife feel seh di mate did fraid. But di mate neva fraid, she did jus get ketch by surprise fi a hot second. As soon as di mate regain har composure she STOP SUDDEN!! fling dung har bag a clothes dem, an jus twist har foot dem an flex out inna di famous Jamaican ghetto bad-gyal-stan up, mek up har face, point up har finga inna di wife face an say: "Yeah, me a tek yuh husband fram long time!! An me naa stop tek him, cause him mek mi cooooomfataaaaable!! An him naa stop tek me. Yeah, me a tek him, an me naa stop! So a wa??!!" Di mate jus pose up inna har bad-gyal stan up an a naa show noo fear an a look right up inna di wife face wid di anyting-a-anyting look ‹ READY FI WAR!!!!

Wen everybody tink seh a World War III a goh bus, all dem coulda hear was di wife a say "Yuh lucky yuh hear, yuh lucky. A true me a big woman now an done wid di pickney ting, cause if a did one time yuh couldn't a run off yuh mout soh an get weh wid it. Soh yuh fi tank God mi done wid dem tings deh. A lucky yuh lucky. Yuh lucky, yuh hear."

Woooooiiiiiieeeeeee!!!! Di wife staat cowl up!!! Wife nuh bad again!!

Anyways, because di wife fren always a hear how she always a say how she a goh beat a gyal weh a tek har husband, an because she a see har now a fraid up di ting an a draw card cause she know di mate a bad gyal an woulda pap har claat, di fren goh bus out a likkle surprise laugh. Same time di mate say "Yuh nuh see all yuh owna fren a laugh afta yuh?" Same time two a di mate fren dem weh did shop wid har run een an drop dem bag too an ready fi war too. Wen di wife see all a dis she staat tremble likkle bit an a say "Yuh know wa, mek me goh a me yaad, cause me have good bed fi sleep pon." Same time di mate bawl out "An yuh husband buy me a betta bed fi sleep pon." Wen di crowd hear dat laughing spoil out deh. Some man all staat Supligen up di ting an a boost di wife, but di way how di wife fraid she a gwaan like she nuh hear dem. Di wife jus shame up har face an grab har bag dem an cut wid har fren back a har.

An jus like dat a coward-moutamassy get exposed. Wife a run off har mout a chat a bag tings an cyaan defen it. An di mate mek sure seh if she a tek people man she can defen it.

But wat a prekeh it woulda be out deh if di wife did goh mek di boosting draw har out an goh kick off di drama cause fram wa mi hear mi feel di matey woulda bruk some bone inna har weh she neva even know she have. Dwl

Anyways, see unu Thursday, same place ya soh inna mix up central.

Bless up unu self.

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