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January 9, 2013
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Tens of thousands of thanks for 2013

How's the new year treating you? Mi feel like blessings and goodness a run mi dung, so mi beam out grace and gratitude from the sky to di grung. Yeah, mi sight up nuff stumbling block and test in front a mi to, but mi just a dodge, hurdle and jump, and gwaan do wha mi a do. There you have it; my new-year chat, as simple as that.

Yes brothers and sisters, I feel like I must shout it from the rooftop or bawl it out in somebody's ears like one of those now-banned-and-disbanded public bus preachers. I didn't want to get too preachy and philosophical, but the spirit move in me and the angels whispered in my ears, so I feel compelled to pass on the message. Amen, church! I'm pushing the power of gratitude. Can I get a witness?

OK, you know what? Let me not get carried away with the joy of role play. It sweet, but I better collect me, myself and I before we end up asking for collection and conducting an altar call. Is same so plenty cult originate and quite a few churches get started - somebody got carried away. But seriously folks, there's indeed a mighty mag-netic magic and a richly rewarding reciprocity in the act of constantly giving thanks. Trust me, is like the more you give thanks, the more things come for you to give thanks for.

Count blessings

So I'm trying to consciously and consistently practise gratitude. Yes peeps, for this 2013 and beyond, I'm resolving to be more constant with counting blessings instead of griping about problems, and I'm going to spend more time giving thanks for things instead of taking issue with things. And with my admittedly miserable and usually contentious self, that won't be easy, but I sure am going to try. That's my approach to this new calendar period and all the challenges and opportunities it has to offer.

I want to start off giving thanks that my year started off with a bang. I had a wonderful time last weekend proudly representing Jamaican arts and entertainment as a performer at the Prime Minister's Annual New Year Gala in St Kitts and Nevis. Guest speaker was respected movie star, humanitarian and goodwill ambassador Danny Glover, and I even had the honour of dining with him and beautiful wife Eliane Cavalleiro at the absolutely exquisite Carambola Restaurant the evening before the event.


On the night of the gala, I went on-stage after 11:30 pm. Glover had just delivered a moving speech, but it was a long night and people were clearly tired. But mi tun up di ting. I went out there and shook them up. Laughter exploded inside the Royal Ballroom of the St Kitts Marriott Resort in Frigate Bay, and I'm grateful that I could be a part of it. Glover's simply but sharply and personably delivered take-away message was 'protect your gifts ... and share them'.

Lord, I breathe tens of thousands of breaths, thanks for my gift and the opportunity to share. And I give thanks for the other many blessings already on their way for this year. Yes friends and foes, I'm acknowledging the abundance already attained, and giving thanks for the blessings yet to be gained. Inspirational writer Eckhart Tolle says in his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, "Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Well, is same way so mi seet, so join me folks and mek wi dweet!


'Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.'

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