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January 10, 2013
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Woman takes vow of ... NO TALKING and FASTING FOR 60 DAYS
Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

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A female servant of the gospel, who has been spotted in downtown Kingston, claims she has been ordained by God to fast for and not to talk for 60 days.

The woman, who bore a placard while standing at the intersection of Church and Tower streets, had her mouth gagged with tape. Her message was, however, visibly clear that violence in Jamaica would soon be brought to an end.

The woman has been identified as Yvonne Coke, founder of 'Hands Across Jamaica'.

Though temporarily silenced, her spokesperson Denise Gowdie said Coke was being used by God as a sacrifice to turn the hearts of Jamaicans back to the covenant he made with us in our motto/pledge.

She said, "The Lord is saying we are at a crucial point in our nation. We have just celebrated 50 years with God's blessing, and, yet, we reward him negatively. Since the start of the year, signs have been shown that we are headed in the wrong direction."

war and murders

She continued, "God sent Mrs Coke on a fasting for 60 days because we as Jamaicans have broken our pledge to him. We say before God and all mankind we pledge the love and loyalty of our hearts, but, instead, we lack justice and love, and we have turned to war and murders."

Our news team was also referred by Gowdie to the line of the pledge which speaks of working "diligently and creatively" which we promised to, but, instead, she claims that we have not committed ourselves.

THE STAR was informed that Coke's fasting began on Monday, January 7, and will continue until March 7.

When quizzed by THE STAR about what they were set out to achieve or overcome, Gowdie used, as an example, the current International Monetary Fund (IMF) situation.

She said, "We are to turn back to the principles and promises that we made at the birth of the nation ... If we have not kept our word to God, how are we going to keep our word with the IMF? What is happening between us and the international community is a sign of our lack of covenant keeping with God and each other."

THE STAR was further advised that Coke will be walking on week days between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in front of the monument which showcases our children killed tragically, at the intersection of Church and Tower streets.

Coke is a renown author of three books, namely, Perspective from the Jamaican Map: A Way of life, The Biography of Father Hugh Sherlock and The Biography of Sir Howard Cooke.

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'God sent Mrs Coke on a fasting for 60 days because we as Jamaicans have broken our pledge to him.'

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