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January 11, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Wicked son

Dear Pastor,

I have passed the age of retirement so no one is going to give me a job very easily. I say so because of what my son did to me. I asked him to pick up my land title at the titles office in Kingston, and he didn't want to give it to me. When he finally did, he put his name on it.

I asked why he did that and he didn't answer. I should have gone to a lawyer to get his name off, but I did not because he is my son.

Because my house is half-finished, I went to borrow a small loan that I could pay back. I did not ask my son for any help. When I got to the loan office, they told me I could not get the loan because my son's name is on the title, and it would cause a problem.

I called him and told him he has done me a great wrong by putting his name on my title.

He told me the interest was too high where I was going to borrow the loan and he has somewhere he could get a loan at a lower interest rate. He had a plan to rob me.

He borrowed a big loan and did not let me see the cheque they gave him. He put $250,000 in his wife's account and my house is still not finished.

I asked him about the money. He said I was wicked and he didn't have the money to give to me.

The people at the loan place told me he was repaying the loan. I went there again and they told me it was in arrears. I had a little money and I took it and paid it.

My son called the place and they told him the money I paid was not enough, so I asked him if he not the person who borrowed the loan. He said he had been paying for five years and he was not going to pay anymore.

The people who gave him the loan came to my house enquiring about him. I told them he was not living with me. They asked for his number.

The last time I called him, he turned off his phone. The company called him about the loan and he told them he was not interested.

People asked me how could I turn my son out of the house he built for me. That is not true. He cursed me like a dog. My daughter is living at the house with me.

She wants to help me pay the loan but she cannot get a job. I have rented out part of the house but the tenants are not paying the rent. They, too, called me wicked and threatened to chop me up.

I am tired of the problems. I feel like I would go in the middle of the road or go to the river and end everything. I need help and advice.

Retired Woman

Dear Retired Woman,

Your son could not have put his name on the title of the property without your consent. If you did not give consent, how did his name get on the title? I would hate to think it was not done through the proper channel and was done through fraudulent methods.

If you know that you did not sign any documents which allowed your son's name to be added to the title, neither did you give him permission to use the title to borrow money, you should do everything possible to protect your property.

And would necessitate the help of an attorney-at-law. You need not be afraid. You need to take legal action and let the chips fall where they may. If you don't, you may lose your property.


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