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January 12, 2013
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David's passion for numbers

file - David Barnes


Ardenne High School's head boy David Barnes is a scholar with a passion for numeric subjects and has confessed that, "I live more on the side of numbers. I like mathematics."

The 18-year-old continues to be decorated with numerous accolades and awards for his consistent excellent academic performances as he puts in the groundwork to become a certified fellow actuary.

The scholar admitted that he keeps himself academically motivated by reminding himself of his career goal.

"I try to always keep my career goal in view and what is necessary to achieve it," he admitted.

Barnes has already earned a combined 16 grade ones in CSEC and CAPE unit one exams and is confident that he will continue to record perfect scores ahead of his unit two exams.

In CSEC, Barnes has 10 ones in mathematics, English A, information technology, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, Spanish, French and principles of accounts.

He has six ones in communication studies, chemistry unit one, physics unit one, computer science unit one and pure mathematics units one and two.

But despite such laudable grades that some would consider the end result of a genius effort, Barnes distanced himself from such a label.

" Oh no, with God's help, remaining focused and prioritising, I have been able to achieve thus far," he said.

US Ambassador's Academic Award

THE STAR sought insight into among other things, Barnes' approach to studying, the importance of family and framework for success.

Q: How many awards/accolades have you received for academic excellence to date?

A: Principal's list since grade seven.

US Ambassador's Academic Award for Excellence in Mathematics.

First in CSEC Mathematics, first in CSEC Principles of accounts, second in CSEC information technology and third in CSEC biology in Jamaica.

First in CAPE computer science unit one, third in pure mathematics unit two and fourth in physics unit one in Jamaica.

Q: How do you approach studying?

A: I do not have any particular study pattern. I try my best to not procrastinate too much and begin studying too close to examinations.

Q: Do you ever think about failing or quitting if a task at hand appears to be difficult? Expound on your answer.

A: Oh yes, that is sometimes the first instinct but I try to defuse those thoughts by remembering that the Lord would not lead me to anything that He would not take me through.

Q: What is your most memorable academic achievement to date?

academic success

A: Attaining a grade one in pure mathematics unit one in grade 11.

Q:If you could prescribe a framework for guaranteed academic success, what would it be? Please describe?

A: To students who have not reached the stage of CXC, I encourage you to realise the subjects which you like and pursue them. Doing what you love makes the road a lot easier. It is important to pay attention in class as this makes studying less tedious. Keep in mind your goal and go with God. Also, it is vital to remember that life is a balance and as such, we must exercise and rest.

Q: What's the best way to overcome academic obstacles, eg. Difficulty in passing maths, etc?

A: It is important that we do not limit ourselves by harbouring the thought that we can only learn from the classroom. We live in a much computerised age and as such, it is possible to find an abundance of useful educational resources. Also, there may be someone in our community that is versed in a particular area and will be able to offer assistance.

Q: How influential was your parents and or family unit in you achieving academic excellence?

A: My family has provided me with tremendous support and the necessary materials to excel, especially my parents and my two aunts. I would not be where I am without them.

Q: What leadership programmes/extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

A: It has been my pleasure to serve as the head boy at Ardenne High School and assist in leading approximately two thousand talented students. I am also a member of the Key Club and Newspaper Club.

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