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January 14, 2013
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Frisco Kid to release 'Number One Girl'

Frisco Kid

Frisco Kid will be releasing a new single called 'Number One Girl', with Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor this week, and he has another single called Gal World for the brilliant young producer, Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid.

"Right now, the ting tun up, mi just write a new song that mi ready fi voice this week. Mi ah come fi represent fi the music," he said.

Born Steve Wray in west Kingston, Frisco Kid became known for songs such as Big Speech, on the Pepper Seed rhythm,Rubbers, Gal Pon De Side, Likkle And Cute, Juvenile,Wackie News, Think We Nice, Dreamland and Zion, but then he took a sabbatical from the business to recharge his batteries.

"Everything takes a little time out now and again, rebuild your energy, full joy the work yuh put in. Yuh haffi tek out a little time for the family, deal with personal issues and chill out to take care of yourself, and also to watch the yutes coming up and see what direction they are taking in the music so you are ready when yu forward in again," he said.

Frisco Kid said he is more than confident he can "strike again".

"Don't call it a comeback, ah lightning, so mi a strike again, lightning strike more than once, and ah that mi ah do.I've been doing it ova di years, touch di scene from 1992 and had the hits come up in the '90s. Cool out '99 and come back wid Round Here, Lion Paw. Cool off another year then come back wid Tell Me Why. Break again and come back with Look What Dem Done. Mi still a tour, still a do mi ting. Our tune cannot dead," he said in a release.

Frisco Kid last performed in Europe at the Summerjam show in Cologne, Germany.

The deejay will be shooting a video for the Gal World single this month.

"The song drop on the Internet and ah crazy response mi ah get on Twitter and Facebook, the people ah feel it so mi a go all out now to shoot a video and get some visuals to take the song to the next level," he said.

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