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January 14, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Ways to satisfy a woman in bed

Dear Pastor,

As an intellectual and adventurous Sagittarius woman, the most amazing and satisfying way my man can satisfy me in bed is by learning to make my mind enjoy the things we do in bed such as:

Go down on me to get me warmed up for the act, just go down and spend a gentle while down there. Almost always, this would help build the momentum for a great night ahead.

Take time during foreplay. Most men hurry the foreplay bit without any consideration for the woman they're with. Just because you're up and ready doesn't mean I am ready too. Take your time before penetration, and both he and I will enjoy sex a lot more.

Remember her erogenous zones. The typical erogenous zones in a woman are several, going from the back of her neck, her ears, and all the way to my knees and toes.

Kiss and nibble the entire length of my body and make sure you remember the zones that excite me more than the others.

Experiment all the time. Be it about positions or about dirty conversations, if you want to do more than just satisfy me in bed, try new things all the time by trying something new.

Trigger zones and fantasies. Speak to me and find out what turns me on instantly. I like it when my man whines during sex. It will play a big part in turning me on, and at times, it can help my orgasm come sooner

Play with my body. Play with my body and move your hands all over. Massage, stroke and grab me all over. It will turn me on a lot.

Bite, lick and suck. Kissing is sensual and romantic. But don't stop there. Let me feel your passion when you bite and tongue my body. And here's something to remember, a good love bite in the strategic regions will still feel just as passionate to us even after several years of going out with each other.

Be outrageous. Sex gets sexier the wilder and more outrageous it feels. If you want to satisfy me, learn to get risqué with your actions. Do something bold now and then, and sex will feel a lot more exciting. For example, sex near an open window, use blindfolds, groping each other on a dark dance floor. The wilder his thoughts and actions, the sexier the sex will be.


Dear L.B.,

My, my! Do you really expect me to comment on the suggestions you have given? I don't think so. I thank you for passing them on because I am sure readers will find them very helpful. Take good care of yourself and please write again.


please include your telephone number

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