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January 15, 2013
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Wifey run tings

Bragadap brap brap brap!!! Big up all massive, big up all crew. If yuh nuh like mix up, den boo fi you. Chuck troo!! Lol

Wa a gwaan, peeps? Man deh ya a kick back an a tek it easy. Bless up all a mi Tambareen Fambily an all a mi Mix Up linky-linky. Big up unnu 2013 self.

Mix up time now:

Wifey Run Tings

Dis married woman ya have a bunna man weh a shell har dung wid some good sort out. She claim say har husband boring wid di ting, an a mek him Christianity prevent him fram trying new tings inna di bedroom. Di bunna man on di oda han full a nuff style, nuh ramp fi do di freaky tings dem, an always have har inna some shell dung positions wen him a sen on di fix up.

Pon di bunna man side him have a different woman who him deh wid long time. Him really into him girl, but also love off di married woman.

Tings reach a point weh di married woman find out seh she a breed. Because she cayliss enuff fi a sleep wid both di bunna man an har husband widout protection, it end up dat she nuh know a who she breed fa. She goh tell di bunna man, an di bunna man den decide say him naa hide di possibility of a child fram him oda girl. Soh him tell har. Wen di bunna man girl hear she decide say she cyaan continue a juggle wid di bunna man if it end up say a him a di fada fi di married woman pickney. She say is one ting if him jus a shell har out, but is a whole oda matta if a child come inna di mix. She say she couldn't deal wid dat.

Di bunna man goh tell di married woman weh him girl say, an di married woman neva like dat. Pon top a everyting di bunna man tell di married woman say if di pickney turn out to be his, den him wi gwaan maintain contact wid har, but if a nuh fi him yute him a goh stop sort har out an cut off contact wid har - 'cause tings reach a point weh him girl can no longa manage all a di mix up an di almshouse.

Anoda likkle twist

Anoda likkle twist inna di mix up was dat both di bunna man an him girl have dem owna good-up good-up money. But di bunna man always a lie to him girl say di married woman a mind him wid a whole heap a money. In truth, though, it was di bunna man who always a spen crazy money pon di married woman. Di bunna man buy nuff expensive tings fi di married woman, gi har har owna bank account, an mek she have shares inna a successful hairdressing business - wid all a dis a happen behind har husband back.

Soh afta di pickney bawn, di married woman goh shot di DNA test. Di test show say a har husband a di fada - NOT di bunna man! However, because di married woman doan waan lose di bunna man money an him sort out, she nuh tell him say she do di test an a har husband a di daddy. She a keep di DNA result fram di bunna man, an a goh try convince him say a him a di fada widout him knowing bout di test.

Mi nuh know how dis a goh work out, but di married woman a play wid fire. At some point da dolly house ya mus mash up pon har. If har husban find out bout di bunna man, dat coulda jeopardise har marriage. An if di bunna man find out say she done know say a nuh him a di fada an neva tell him, den him coulda move wicked pon har.

But eeda way it look like di wife strategically calculate say if har husband find out she can jus done di bunna man an prove to har husband say a him a di fada an preserve har marriage. In di meantime, by not mekking di bunna man know bout di results, she can gwaan collect him good-good money an get him tun-up sort out.

But everyting is still a prescription fi disaster.

Wifey betta careful.

Mi a cut. See unnu Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.

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