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January 16, 2013
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Hahahaha! Whoeee people, laughing a tek mi over, and if I laugh any harder I may end up with a hell of a hilarity seizure. But hold on, if laughing buck till mi kinobah and stuck, that would be a good kind of seizure, don't it?

Yeah man, it wouldn't be like the other kind of seizure - also called repossession, when bailiff come fi seize the furniture after you default on your hire-purchase contract. In any case, I hear that some creative people already devise a sure way to avoid that embarrassing seizure and beat the bailiff.

How? They take out all kinda big and expensive furniture and appliance on hire purchase, but after the items get delivered they remove their door jams and remake the doors much, much smaller. So, when they default on their payments, if bailiff even lucky to find them at home the stuff won't be able to pass back through di door. Hehehe. I wonder if the folks at Courts Jamaica know 'bout this trick?

Beg pardon people, but I have to take a regularly scheduled silly break and indulge in the wonderful Jamaican pastime called 'tek bad tings mek laff'. For example, yesterday I heard several people expressing various levels of concern, apprehension and outrage because Jamaica's Minister of Finance, Dr Peter Phillips, hinted that the Government plans to drop even more tax measures on the country. Yes, more taxes! So wha fi do, laugh or bawl?

Well, due to how cow-bawling nuh fit my handsome face, is pure big laughing I choose to leggo inna di place. So don't think I'm getting crazy. This laughter is actually my therapy. Yes friends, I choose laughter because life's too short to go with the other option.

love and respect

And look here nuh you, yeah you same one who reading this, thanks yu hear. Thanks fi wha? Thanks for your time. Yeah, thanks because you never had to share it with me. Nuff-nuff thanks, and love and respect to you and yours!

And, a next thing; if for whatever reason you're currently angry or upset wid mi, please I'm begging you, try and find in your heart to pardon me. Also, if you feel like me and you carrying malice, hush because it's definitely you alone. I fling weh whatever residual remnant remained from all bad-vibes baggage from 2012. I swear; strictly skin-teeth mi a wear this year. So let me beg yu right now fi join mi and put it dung. And do it quick yah, that's too much burden fi you alone. Find the laughter and release yourself.

Please don't miss out on opportunities to seek forgiveness, express love and create pleasant memories. We can't 'wheel and pull-up' experiences or edit past relationships. And we can't fix moments that are already past. I wish we could, but we can't reset and rewind life. Of course, we can attempt to memorise and mentally relive some instances, and we can certainly record and replay some moments, thanks to the various technological devices at our disposal. However, we can't actually physically relive an embodied experience.

Peeps, I just found an old parking receipt for Toronto's Sunnybrook hospital dated this time last year. That receipt reminded me that last year January, my father who seemed 'fit like a fiddle' and 'hotter than any young boy' suddenly discovered that he had cancer. And by May he was gone.

Yeah, life's like that. We never ever really know for sure what fate actually has in store. So while we still have the chance let's just try to forge forgiveness and love each other some more. And please take time to laugh! Hehehe.


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