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January 16, 2013
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Female Samaritan claims ... 11-Y-O GIRL ROBBED ME

Andre Williams, STAR Writer

A female Samaritan had her jewellery and cellphone stolen from her, allegedly by an 11-year-old girl after she took the child in overnight off the dangerous streets in Kingston where she was found wandering.

Information gathered by THE STAR is that Karen Mulling* was hoaxed by a child, who attends a prominent high school, when according to her, she was doing a generous thing for her safety.

Mulling said, "I saw the little girl in the company of a security guard in her uniform at a car park along East Street sometime after 1 a.m., and my initial thought was that it was his daughter."

THE STAR was told that checks were made with the guard and Mulling was told that the child was trying to get to Cross Roads.

She said, "The security asked me to drop her in Cross Roads so I asked her who she was going to at this time, and she said she was going by a vendor to wait for a taxi man there ..."

Mulling told our news team that she was not comfortable with that explanation and offered to take the child home for the night.

Our news team was told that upon leaving the house in the morning en route to the Cross Roads Police Station, the child suddenly remembered that she had an aunt that lived nearby and informed Mulling who took her to the location.

THE STAR was further told that the girl exited the car quickly upon arrival at her aunt's residence without expressing gratitude to Mulling.

"I got out the car and went in after her and told the aunt what had happened ... The aunt was in shock as she disclosed that was unlikely of the seventh grader to forget important numbers and addresses as she was a top GSAT performer," said Mulling.

Our news team was told that the child's parents were contacted by the aunt, and they expressed they did not know her whereabouts.

THE STAR gathered that Mulling discovered that the items were missing after she left that residence and was informed by her mother that a cellphone could not be found.

Mulling said she went back to the aunt's residence and a search was conducted for the phone, however, it was not found and the girl insisted she knew nothing about the missing phone.

"I left again and went home and that's when I realised my jewellery was gone ... I went back to the aunt's home and told them that jewellery was also missing ... after being pressured by her relatives, she took them next door where she buried the phone, however, she was still saying she didn't have the jewellery," expressed an irate Mulling.

THE STAR was told that two days after Mulling called the aunt and asked if they had found the jewellery as she was getting impatient and threatened to get the police involved.

Our news team was told that sometime on Monday, the relatives contacted Mulling and informed her that the jewellery was found in the child's possession, and that she should come and collect the jewellery.

Mulling told THE STAR, "I'm being advised to come for them but I'm sending the police or somebody for them because I don't want to come in contact with that child ever again."

Mulling expressed, "I don't know if is in the night or morning she took the things, all I know is that she was awake before me!"

When our news team contacted the institution in which the child attends school, THE STAR was told that the relevant personnel authorised to address such matters had left for the day.

Name changed*

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