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January 17, 2013
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Are sound systems becoming redundant? - Promoters say selectors are cheaper
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Boom Boom

Whether it is because of the money or the Noise Abatement Act, promoters seem to be opting to hire selectors instead of sound systems.

As one of the most sought after selectors in recent times, Boom Boom says persons are using more disc jocks than sound systems because more events are being held indoors.

"Most people are keeping dances in the clubs 'cause when they keep the dance outdoor it is a big risk you a run, 'cause as it reach 2 o'clock, police might come lock it off," he told THE STAR.

"The club already have a sound so dem use selectors instead. That's why most sounds nah get no bookings like dat, no sound nah string up."

Selector Rory from Stone Love cites the Noise Abatement Act and lack of suitable outdoor venues as the reason for the reduction in bookings for sound systems. In some cases, he says some disc jocks believe they are better off working alone than with a sound system. But he also notes that the easy access to music makes it even easier for persons to become selectors.

"They stopped making records, now it is CDs so it is much easier for persons to get music. The music is so easy to get, so anybody can make a bag of noise and copy the latest slangs and play the same music," he said.

Popular selector Ricky Trooper says his sound system, Sound Trooper, "a play hard still." However, he says many promoters choose individual selectors because they are cheaper.

In addition, "a nuh like one time when you used to have whole heap a sound system and all a dem did bad," he told THE STAR. Instead, Ricky Trooper says there are a lot of subpar sound systems.

He added that in Kingston persons usually go to parties based on who the promoter is or the theme. While in the rural areas, he says patrons pay more attention to the sound systems.

Promoter of 'Stir It Up' and 'Rum Punch', parties, Desmond 'Hard Earz' Steele, admits that promoters are opting to hire selectors because they are generally cheaper than sound systems.

He also added, "The selectors that we use work on the radio, and when these DJs are on air they also make mention of the events."

Steele said sound systems were popular back in the '90s to 2000s, but "some sounds didn't want other sounds to play on their equipment." So now, he says, there are persons who rent equipment, while selectors play the music.

"You don't have to work with a sound, selectors are a dime a dozen," he told THE STAR.

Ricky Trooper

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