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January 17, 2013
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Capleton, Mr Melody defend herb concept

Mr Melody

Reggae/dancehall iconic artiste Capleton has collaborated with overseas-based recording artiste Mr Melody to defend the right to use herb in a song called This Little Herb. According to the artistes, the herb is completely natural and should not be illegal.

The song is produced by USA-based record label Road Runnaz records and is said to be reaping success in Germany and other countries in and around Europe.

"From wi a grow up we learn that the herb is the healing of the nation because it makes so much products ranging from soaps and oils; over 2,000 different products are made from herb. So every way you look at it, the herb is the healing of the nation. Right now it is legal in about five states in America, so we just keep it in the music because only music alone shall live. We have to inspire the youth not to be influenced by hard drugs that are causing harm to them," Capleton said.

Mr Melody says the soothing reggae beat influenced the herb concept.

"The concept came from the beat and the vibe of the music, it was just natural like nature and at the same time so is the herb, which is why it should be legalised. We need to stop putting people away for something that is natural," he said.


Capleton and Mr Melody met through musical networking, however, the veteran says he is not reluctant to work with any young artiste as long as it's beneficial to the music industry.

"This collaboration is just to keep the music business going, I used to be a young act too and I used to look up to others. So I help young acts because the youth are the future," Capleton said.

Both artistes think the song has the potential to become a solidified hit collaboration, citing that their spirits and energy are similar.

"It's an honour to working with Capleton, he is one of the biggest artiste in reggae music. We have the same energy and that makes it able for us to work together and take this to the furthest and highest platform this can go. We are not holding anything back, we are going to all rock and creases and push this song thoroughly," Mr Melody said.

While reggae music is not the most played genre on local radio stations, Capleton disclosed that success is guaranteed in other countries around the world.

"I just came from Africa where I performed at sold-out shows. Reggae is alive and well in the four corners of the world, so some things that taking place here we nuh see dat because the world wants music that is soothing, and that is reggae music," Capleton said.

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