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January 17, 2013
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Ras Swipa an Moutekani

Tambareen Fambily an Mix-up massive big-up unu good-good self. Di new year a gwaan good so far. Everyting plug een an light nuh gaan. Big-up all a mi Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up ya inna Obama Lan. A straight blessings mi say.

On to di mix-up dem now:

Ras Swipa an Moutekani

Raga, see one yah. You usually have this youth who use to bun out the swiping ting Raga. Proppa proppa bun out. Every evening him deh bout, all a we sit down out pon the wall and him, him woman and this rent-a-dread bwoy always a talk bout the dutty nasty nyamma man dem. An you wah hear the Ras bout dem fi dead and how dem nasty and a corrupt God land.

Raga, one Thursday di woman man come dung from country early and walk through our lane fi go up a fi him yard. Him end up a tek one short cut fi reach home. When him walk deh way deh him don't have to move the zinc or nothing a di front, so you don't hear when him come een a di yard.

Raga, when the man go inna him one room, a the Ras and him woman him see inna one 69 a do the tings Raga! War bruck and cutlass draw and the dread run out with him face shine! Raga di front gate did open lickle bit because the whole lane did station a di front gate because everybody except the proppa man, know seh the Ras did a wine out him woman from long time. We just never know him a swipe har too.

You wah hear the woman too wid har stain up mout bout how a fi him fault cause as Sunday evening come back him deh a country and when him reach up back him tired and how him a nuh good man because him gone lef him woman every day. Di man run har out inna draws and bra and a cuss out her nastiness.

But him did end up a bawl and stress out because him did love her like dat.

DWL@ "Wid har stain up mout" and "with him face shine." Grung!! Weh yuh say. Di Ras did get a facial? If a laugh a pee-pee up miself. Di Ras face shine wid di anti-oxidant juice fi clean out him pores. Nuttin like some natural juices fi get a propa face cleanse. A weak!!! Noooooo sah!!

Big an serious though, how di Ras de deh a bun out di tings dem wen inna di dark him a do di tings dem? Him tongue did a tell lie pon him tongue. Listen me nuh .... yuh know wah. Cho!!

An Ms Lady she, she jus as cyaliss too. A bun har man inna di man ranch pon di man bed, an know seh a easy ting fi di people dem inna di community know wa a gwaan. Mi say it all di while, don't give bun!! But if yuh tink yuh haffi bun, den dweet wid respek. If she waan bun she shoulda do dem ting deh outa har man community. And she definitely shouldn't a dweet wid smaddy who har man hol a reasoning wid more while. She a gwaan like she a musician, bout she a blow di skin flute. She a flex luu. She soon end up a rinse crazy music inna a orsextra - a blow flute, horn, trombone, an every striking ting har mout can cova. A wa do some gyal??!! KMT!!!

Hear me nuh, mi a leggo di ends ya now. See unu nex week Tuesday same place ya soh. Until den, nuh mek nobady sprinkle nuh oil or nuh powda roun unu. Nuh tek nuh check fram di demon dem. lol

Bless up unu self.

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