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January 17, 2013
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THIEVES TARGET PORTMORE HOMES - Four break-ins in one week

There have been several reports of home invasions in the community of Morris Meadows in Portmore, St Catherine, in recent months leaving residents to believe that thieves are on the prowl.

THE STAR understands that four houses have been targeted so far since December, with an additional two broken into since the start of the new year.

A concerned resident told our news team that the most recent incident took place last Monday.

Residents also described the criminals as 'bright', as they claim that the thieves have been using portable torches to remove grilles entirely from the walls, and "put them one side and go inna the people them house. And when them finish, they kotch it up neatly".

"As recent as Monday, two homes were broken into.In both instances, the thieves took electronic items (phones, laptops, digital cameras).Particularly disconcerting is the fact that one incident occurred at night while a family slept," Nadine* told our news team.

She continued, "The thief/thieves stole the items from thebedroom in which they slept. This has left the police to suggest that they may have been powdered."

Another concerned resident explained that," In the month of December, two other homes were broken into. In both of these cases, appliances including flat-screen TVs, and laptops were stolen. It is also being reported that a huge sum of money was also removed from one of the homes."

THE STAR also understands that all the homes broken into were fully grilled .

Residents also told THE STAR that the police were able to demonstrate how easy it is to break into many of the 'secured' homes in the community.

However, residents received some solace when they were informed that the vigilance of neighbours on Archer Avenue in the community might have thwarted an attempted invasion last Tuesday.

"The neighbour heard unusual sounds coming from a home. Being aware that the resident was away from home, an alarm was raised, and consequently, another attempted home invasion was foiled. The response of the neighbours who were home was also quite laudable," another resident said.

Head of the St Catherine South Police Division, SSP Collin Ponnick, confirmed that, "The police have been working in the area."

He also verified that the police were able to point out loopholes to residents in some of the safety measures being used by them to secure their abodes.

"The police usually sensitise the residents on matters that they can take to protect their homes, and if there are any vulnerabilities,we point it out to them," he said.

Name changed*

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