January 17, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor

Wait until you are ready
“Dear Pastor, I am replying in regards to the letter from 'Concerned Virgin' that was published on December 24, 2012. She explained her fears of becoming pregnant... . read more
Emotionally distraught

Dear Pastor, I am a young mother who recently had a baby. My boyfriend takes care of us both and I am comfortable financially, but I am emotionally distraught...

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It's not always about sex

Dear Pastor, I believe that woman needs tenderness and caressing. It is not always about the sex. Being stroked and gently caressed is far more pleasurable...

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Don't want a jump-on-and-jump-off man

Dear Pastor, What I want in the bedroom is to make love and not for a man to jump on and jump off. I want to be kissed slowly.

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Should I take her back?

Dear Pastor, I have been living in St Catherine and I really like a girl in my area. She was in a relationship with one of my friends....

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